Musical Duo Sincerely Craig Release Sharp and Intense Track "Oh My"!

Sincerely Craig is the talented duo, made up of members Sasha and David. They have such an interesting dynamic together. Both attributed to the vocal execution, Sincerely Craig has such notable raspy elements and power in their voices, especially once they're collectively combined. Sincerely Craig has recently come out with their single "Oh My", which is the perfect track to highlight the two artists' abilities, and how they complement one another once combined. It's clear to us that the duo has this sense of connection between knowing the sound they're able to reach with one another and ensuring that the sound is reached. We know that with Sincerely Craig, we're receiving all that they have to offer as artists, and that makes our listening experience special, knowing that we're getting the heart and soul from both Sasha and David.

Sincerely Craig's "Oh My" features their unique and raspy vocal approaches we've noted earlier. Sincerely Craig builds up their stamina throughout "Oh My", as the track starts off semi-mild, but eventually disperses into the true and compelling harmonies of Sincerely Craig. "Oh My" surges with such distinct confidence between duo Sincerely Craig. Their sound has always encaptured the very essence of strength and power, and so when we heard "Oh My" we weren't at all surprised by the way they executed this one! "Oh My" has probably made it on our favorites list just after one listen! Fingers crossed that Sincerely Craig continues with their robust and complementary sound for 2020!

Listen to "Oh My" here.

Hey, Sasha and David! We welcome Sincerely Craig to BuzzMusic! Your release of "Oh My" ends off your 2019 as a duo. How do you both feel now that the single is out and released to your listeners?!

David: Hey Buzz! Thanks for having us! Yes, we were really excited to release "Oh My". It is a step closer to listeners getting a glimpse of how our sound is evolving, especially with how Sasha’s progress has been on the bass. I only started teaching her about 2 years ago and it has made quite a difference in our song-writing. We also filmed and edited the music video for "Oh My” ourselves, and it has actually been nominated by Dropout Entertainment for the Canadian Independent Music Video Awards of 2019! So we’re pretty excited about that too.  Once listening to "Oh My" we already knew this track would be a stellar performance to see live! Can you describe the energy present within your crowds during live performances?!  Sasha: Thanks! Yes we love performing live. It’s the best way to hear a song and you get to really put all of your energy into for the crowd. I think it’s important for them to feel that. We love getting intimate at our shows and we get to tell our story. Listeners get an idea of where the song comes from and I think that makes it so much more personal, relatable and exciting. 

Sincerely Craig has such vibrant soundings as a duo! How do you both think this sense of vibrancy was cultivated between the two of you?  Sasha:  Thank you! I think that the more we spend time together and the more we share music with one another, we take each other through different genre or artist phases. We live together on the road so if we’re not playing music, we’re listening to it. One week we’ll be listening to a Marilyn Manson CD for a week straight when we’re driving, then it’ll be Billy Idol, then Mudvayne, then The Bee Gees! I think changing it up keeps music and playing exciting, and there’s always inspiration to grab from to incorporate into your own playing and style. Do you think as a duo, each of you brings varying elements to Sincerely Craig's final sound? Contrastingly, do you think you each bring similar elements to the table, and that's why the sound is so refined and sharp? David: Well when Sasha and I both met, we didn’t listen to the same music at all. At that time I listened to a lot of heavy metal; Pantera, Mudvayne, and Sasha listened to a lot of varying electronic music; EDM and new wave artists like Spooky Black, and underground/independent acoustic artists. I was actually in a metal band myself, so Sasha and I had no similar interests in music when we first met. So we have definitely had varying elements, strengths, and inspiration to bring to the table. But now that we’ve been playing together and growing from each other, I do think we start to refine our sound more. Our interests become more similar, our playing has definitely tightened up. It all takes time, and it takes lots of sharing. And as long as we both keep learning and be open to new sounds and ideas, we’ll continue to bring out the best in each other and push our sound and limits. 

We've heard that you're planning on releasing a few new singles in 2020! Can listeners expect the same Sincerely Craig sound that 2019 saw, or are they in for a different sounding? With the music we’ve been working on in comparison to what we have released now, I think that listeners will be excited to hear what we have coming. Our sound has been evolving a lot and it has become more complicated and progressive. I think listeners will be excited! Our singing, songwriting, and playing has come a long way. You guys will get an idea with our upcoming release Downstream, which we recored with Toronto producer Ross Hayes Citrullo. We can’t wait to share it with you! We should expect it out in January 2020. Thanks, Sincerely Craig, for talking with us here at BuzzMusic! We hope that 2020 is as good to you two as 2019 was! Artistically, where does this vision for Sincerely Craig extend from here? Thanks, and thank you again for having us. We just take it day by day! We have now been living on the road together for over a year, and it has been the most amazing life. We’ve been able to follow our musical journey wherever it decides to take us and it has created a lot of new opportunities for us! Ideally, we would love to release a full album soon. But being an independent artist it’s hard to have the funds for all that good stuff. So we might just continue releasing singles until then! We think that as long as we can keep sharing our music, we can get to know our audience and listeners, play on more stages, meet more awesome musicians and just get our name out there! And of course to have fun. We want to keep sharing, growing and meeting people and we can’t wait to do it all again in 2020.