Musical Duo Slim and G Drop Contagious New Track “Majin Buu”

Mack Slim and Taylor G team up to create powerhouse musical duo Slim and G. The dynamic duo fuses genres of hip-hop, alternative rap, R&B, and trap. Slim and G aim to be something refreshing and new in the music scene. They live by mottos like “Real Rap Only” and “No Mumble Rap”.  After garnering fans and roots all over the country, the duo settled in Fresno, CA. Their debut project “Extended Play Volume 1” release early August 2019 and the follow up “Extended Play Volume 2” is set to drop Sept 27, 2019! 

 “Majin Buu” is one of two of Slim and G’s latest singles. The smooth and confident sound of Slim and G reignites for this latest release  “Majin Buu”. Offering up a series of energetic and multi-layered hip hop tracks, “Majin Buu” deals with hard-hitting bars and meticulously delivered verses. It leads with a relentless vocal outpouring and a quickly likable groove. Fine production by lets the music stand tall, a strong mix means you can turn this up and engage with the energy of each soundscape as much as the personality and storylines at the heart of the writing. The concepts and the moods set by the music intrigue and appeal. The flow and the passion in  Slim and G’s words are completely immersive and addictive to listen to. Slim and G are known to offer something refreshing and undoubtedly welcome in the contemporary music scene. 

Check out “Majin Buu” here and read more with Depth and Soul in our exclusive interview below! 

Hey Slim and G! Welcome to BuzzMusic, how did you originally get started together? 

We’ve known each other since high school so we have spent a lot of time together. We always listened and criticized music but actually making music ourselves never crossed our mind until earlier this year. We took separate paths after high school and eventually rejoined in Fresno in late 2018. We started making music just to see what sounds we could produce and if it was good... it wasn’t. We’re pretty determined individuals with a high work ethic so we were inspired to research more about the music industry and how we could achieve success within it. Our sound is still very much a work in progress but curiosity and ambition ultimately drove our desire to become artists.

Can you dive into the meaning of the lyrics in “Majin Buu”? What does this track represent for you?

Lyrics in “Majin Buu” represent a mixture of our lives currently and how we envision it to be in the near future. Press ‘play’ on the track then close your eyes... The song will take you through our journey while also lifting your spirits.

What can listeners expect from your upcoming EP?

Extended Play Volume One has songs that were made in our first week of ever making music. Extended Play Volume Two is about a month into us making music, so expect a lot of progression. We have taken more time to understand what it means to be an artist and find our own processes for creativity. Extended Play Volume Two will boast better vocals, mixing and overall sound quality. New sounds that are different from our first release, but nothing special when compared to what we have coming over the next few months. We’ve been cooking recently... 

If you had to pick just one song in your collection to adequately describe your sound, which song would you choose and why?

A (released) song that may accurately describe us is ‘GO!’ from EP Vol. 1. 

 It’s hard to choose just one song to capture our personalities. We create music for lots of different mood so you’ll be able to find different parts of who we are within each unique song. 

What do you hope to achieve as hip-hop artists through the end of 2019?

Through 2019, we hope to gain a solid fanbase and deliver some heat to those fans! We also plan on doing more live performances to increase exposure and to gain knowledge of the music industry from all aspects. 


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