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My Dark Reality Releases, “Things You Should Know”

Established in September 2019, My Dark Reality is known for its high-energy shows and powerful lyrics. As their first release under Bently Records, comes their new single, “Things You Should Know,” a powerful and memorable grunge-style song.

Available on all major streaming platforms, “Things You Should Know” is filled with drive and danger that brings alternative rock and roll back to life in 2021. Focusing on guitar instrumentals, movement becomes created in this piece to expand each natural lyric.

The vocals within this track instill resiliency within listeners back as each rough tenacious choral reminds them of each obstacle they have overcome. Grit and passion are effortless as each member of this group work together to create a single that highlights deep vocals and stylistic guitar melodies.

Goth and punk rock and roll come together to establish electric energy whenever My Dark Reality produces music, however, “Things You Should Know” is a must-listen as it stands to invigorate audiences with authenticity and internal passion.

With plans to release an EP later this year it is clear, My Dark Reality will continue to push and make an even bigger mark in the music industry as they continue to revive Rock and Roll with their electrically passionate grunge singles.


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