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My Dark Reality Turned Heads Throughout 2020

Coming in hot from Dayton, OH., the 4-piece Rock band My Dark Reality stopped us dead in our tracks this year.

After releasing two powerhouse singles that keep us on our toes, My Dark Reality has been conjuring up a few other tunes to keep us satisfied. Shaping their music and lyrics around the brutality of life, it goes without saying that My Dark Reality captures the darkness and heaviness of our inner emotions. The group consists of guitarist/songwriter Oz, bassist/songwriter Death, vocalist/songwriter Grunge, and drummer Aaron Blackman.

Speaking on My Dark Reality's year, the 4-piece was busy creating, reworking, and releasing two conceptual, emotional, and striking singles. Not to mention signing to Bentley Records out of New York City, My Dark Reality didn't stop there. Instead, they fueled their year with two intense singles that shake our speakers.

Releasing the singles "Ashes to Ashes" and "Soulless" in 2020, both singles are said to have come straight out of the bassist Death's notebook, as he jots his day-to-day ideas for the rest of My Dark Reality to expand.

"Ashes to Ashes," tells an emotional and gripping story, singing a direct prayer to God, or whichever higher power one believes in, asking for release. On the other hand, "Soulless" touches on what it feels like to live without feeling alive.

We always enjoy the unique stylings of My Dark Reality, especially this year, as the 4-piece turned our heads and kept them staring at the band in hopes of more thorough and relatable singles to follow.

Hello My Dark Realty and welcome back to BuzzMusic. What would your band say was the most significant achievement you've seen in 2020?

For our band, it was not only our growth as individuals but also signed with Bentley Records. They have been very good for our group.

What music has your band been listening to that keeps you inspired to create?

We have been listening to quite a bit lately. Some notable bands we have been listening to a lot are Black Veil Brides, AC/DC, Anti-Flag, Gary Numan, London After Midnight, Bring Me the Horizon, Ghost, Yung Blud, Machine Gun Kelly, and Night Club. We absolutely love the

Aside from listening to other bands, what has been keeping your group motivated this year?

The thing that has kept us going this year is each other and our music. In any hardship, our band always keeps in touch to make sure we are all doing ok. We all use music as our therapy so staying in rehearsal and creating has been our glue. We do manage our proper distance but if we could not create when able whether with each other or alone then this would have been a different story.

If your group could tour with a few artists or bands, big or small, who would they be?

We would love to tour with Avenged Sevenfold, Anti-Flag, Alkaline Trio, and Black Veil Brides. There are plenty more, but we will stop there haha.

Speaking on your singles "Ashes to Ashes" and "Soulless," how can listeners get to know your band's personality and vibe through these pieces?

That is a tough question. I think what our music reveals about us is through the dark subject matter that we sing about we never give in. We just believe in never giving in no matter what and that is very much within our music.

If your fans could do anything to help your band grow and succeed, what would that be?

Please, please, please have your friends and family follow us on Spotify, apple music, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Spread our band to people you know and people you do not know. Hit invite, like, subscribe, follow, everything.

What did your group take away from the year that was 2020? What should we expect from you in 2021?

You know, we want to be positive but 2020 absolutely sucked (laughter). I guess if we took anything it is just that you cannot give up no matter how bad things get. In 2021 expect some new music from us and some harder music as well. Much love MDR Fam!



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