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Myles Brando Delivers From The Heart In, "You Got It"

Constantly surpassing your expectations is Canarsie, Brooklyn-based vocalist, producer, and hip-hop recording artist Myles Brando with his sweet-sounding and passionate new tune "You Got It."

Born Brandon Louisor, Myles Brando has already amassed a loyal following at the mere age of 18 with his unique sound that bridges several genres with an overall contemporary and uplifting feel. His sound is often described as similar to the eras of Jay-Z or J. Cole, but with the soul of a young Marvin Gaye.

Preparing to release his first full project in 2022 in collaboration with two Grammy-nominated producers, Myles Brando gives us a taste of what to expect with his heartfelt and beaming new single, "You Got It."

This song truly has it all; Myles Brando's lively and passionate performance, his skilled flow, and the soulful r&b instrumentation and production that keeps the energy and emotion at a high. Taking a deeper listen to "You Got It," the tune shimmers open with a melodic and powerful piano melody that sets the song's bright and bold tone. Myles Brando quickly takes the song by storm and unleashes his passionate thoughts for all listeners to relish, explaining how this person has it all and never fails to leave Brando swooned by their presence.

Before we know it, Myles Brando switches it up and jumps into his witty and complex flow, reminiscent of Chance The Rapper's lively and engaging stylings. This song is nothing but a pure representation of Myles Brando's vast artistic skillset that sees him rapping like a pro, vocalizing his profound passion, and putting it all together in a seamless, cohesive, and irresistible contemporary r&b/hip-hop tune.

Don't miss out on the thrilling listening experience within Myles Brando's latest exciting single, "You Got It," now available on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Myles Brando. We're honestly impressed with your recent single's engaging experience and passionate vibes, "You Got It." What inspired you to create such a warm and loving tune?

Well, if I’m being honest, “You Got It” was originally a song I wrote for a challenge given to me by Jay Dixon, my manager at the time. He wanted to see if I could write a hit record that was suitable for the radio as well. As far as creating the record, I took inspiration from life and personal experiences to expand on the idea of recognizing the beauty, passion, and ambition that women have and the reminiscing feeling of being introduced to these characteristics.

What was your songwriting process like for "You Got It?” Was it easy for you to express yourself and create cohesive lyrics/bars that represent how you feel?

I always start off by free-styling the melody and then adding words to the melody I decide to use. The lyrics kind of just came to me since the content of the song was something I felt very strongly about. When writing the song, I was in a zone that put me in a position to put my all into making a song for the women I admire in my life. I wanted to make sure that some of the lyrics didn’t just relate to not only a lover but also a sister, mother, friend, or stranger to give them that reassurance.

Who produced the contemporary and groovy r&b/hip-hop sonics for "You Got It?" What sort of vibe did you want the instrumentals and production to offer?

The beat was produced by Chris Beatz and was sent to me by my manager, so I didn’t really have a say on the production side of the song. I took it upon myself to add harmonies to the chorus to give the hook and instrumentation of the beat more life.

What should we expect to hear and experience from your forthcoming full-length project this year? Will "You Got It" feature on the project?

For my upcoming project, the audience can expect to hear more of me bridging the RnB and Hip-Hop sounds. The project will include “You Got It” and five other records that will give the world just a hint of my sound since this is only the beginning. I want the audience to experience a breath of fresh air when listening to this project because it’s authentic. It’s me, which is rare to find these days.

What's next for you?

I’m looking to release more videos and content about my life, produce my own beats, and simply provide more work for all my fans and newcomers to absorb. In addition to the “You Got It” visual, I have three videos scheduled to be released for my upcoming project. Be sure to check out my freestyle and other content I will be posting on a weekly basis.


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