Myles Em Gets Truthful in Rap Single "Callin"

What kind of artist is Myles Em, and what does he stand for artistically? Myles Em is the kind of artist you may find yourself connecting with if you're the type of listener to go for music that contains deep reflection and offer a sense of exploration. Born and raised in New Orleans, LA, Myles Em always found himself compelled by the idea of music and creating his personable sound. Myles Em brings about themes, stories, and meanings within his tracks that are refreshing. His prominent style follows more of dynamic design, and you may find that his overall arrangement is potent. We can confidently say that Myles Em proves to be a confident, compelling, and collected artist that's here to make an impression with his music.

Myles Em released his track "Callin", which we found focused on the story of the rap artist's life. Myles Em hones in on an aggressive execution with "Callin", where the outflow of content comes off as very forward and authentic. The song further follows similar soundings to old-school rap tracks, mixed with modern stylings regarding the mixing of the track. The lyrical content of "Callin" has substance, and as you listen along, you'll feel as if you're on a complete journey with Myles Em, which personally made us feel a deeper connection with the artist and his story. Myles Em is all about diving deep into the personal aspects of himself, which is a characteristic we've always been drawn to regarding his artistry. He's conscious of everything he constructs, and we found this trait of Myles Em to be easily proved within "Callin". All in all, "Callin" was assertively delivered in an introspective manner by Myles Em, and we're looking forward to more projects by the rap artist in the future.

Discover Myles Em and his track "Callin" here.

Hey, Myles Em! Thanks for taking the time to chat about your recent single release, "Callin". When you were first writing this track of yours, what kind of major elements and themes did you intend to communicate across to your listeners?

I wanted to give people an idea of where I was at the time emotionally and mentally. Doing my best to paint a vivid story for you to hang on to word from word.

Is there a certain kind of energy you wanted to emulate onto listeners with "Callin"? Can you explain the kind of intentions that went into the construction of the track's beat?

To me as soon as the piano keys came into play, and ambient chords swinging back and forth struck, you can tell this was a personal track. I wanted to bring that energy of "yea I beat the odds and overcame hardtimes" when the drums would make its presence known. Also giving a sense of vulnerability by bringing you into my personal life".

You've always been an artist to really hone in on the lyrical content of your tracks, always making sure that you're being 100% real with your audience. Let's delve into the history of this trait intrinsic to you and your artistry. What do you think really urged you to construct your music with these kinds of intentions in mind?

I'll say this, any time before I start my songwriting process, I'll ask myself is this concept or what I'm thinking about relatable? As an artist, I feel tho it is my job to give the listener all of me where it may be personal, relatable or anything to make you vibe and think too. Besides coming from a listener's point of view, if I can make a connection with the artist, I'm sold.

Do you feel that you derive inspiration for your own content from your musical inspirations? What kind of artists do you feel match the essence of your sound?

Of course, I've always been one to grab inspiration from any place actually. It could be a simple painting, an author of a book, a music producer or a music artist. Such influences as Timbaland, Kanye West, Lauryn Hill, J.cole, Zaytoven and etc.

What can we expect to see next from you?

Well as far as future plans go, building a bigger music production platform. Launching more digital outlets for multiple streams of online revenue. From products such as Drumkits, Instrumental Sales, Production Tutorial videos etc. Grow my "NolaBeSafe" Brand bigger within my community inside and out. Drop more music this year, and build a bigger catalog from the songwriting to collaborations, and music production.