Mysterious And Brilliant Collective 4 Minutes Later Releases “Bad Love” Ft. Laur Elle 4 Minutes La

4 Minutes Later had the world asking who is 4ML? Before they even released their debut song “Troubled” 4ML is still making waves in the music scene and still remains anonymous on who they are as they truly want to let their music speak for itself. 

4 Minutes Later’s latest track “Bad Love” brings a new sound to the pop scene merging vintage pop into the modern era. This track gives me serious tropical summer vibes and I’m loving it. They truly embody their authentic sound and blend it with an infectious contemporary groove. “Bad Love” is about the trials and tribulations that come with a complicated relationship. 4ML is able to fuse powerful lyricism into catchy and infectious melodies. Laur Elle’s stunning vocals complement perfectly with the soundscape 4ML creates. They curate tunes that their fans and all listeners can relate to but remain contagious pop hits. I highly recommend you listen to “Bad Love” and stay on the lookout for more from 4 Minutes Later.

Listen to “Bad Love” here!


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