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N1N3 Reflects on a Dark Heart with "LoveSick"

Toronto Hip-hop artist N1N3, who also goes by K9, discovered his love and natural talent for music and emceeing at the tender age of 3 years old.

Performing at exclusive gigs such as The Canadian National Exhibition and The Marc Eckò in 2005 at the age of 11 where he opened up for Ciara, Nas, Fat Joe, Busta Rhymes, and Kanye West as well as other well-established artists, he is currently solidifying his presence in Toronto's rising music scene while consistently creating music and working in the studio.

Straight off the release of his four-track project titled, “Dark Heart EP,” this body of work is a true definition of the versatility and creativity that build up the essence of N1N3. Placing our focus on the first song to be heard on the record, we hear the smooth sounds of “LoveSick.” Collaborating with the extraordinary talents of production architect Illuid Haller, we’re offered up a soothing ambiance that washes us over us in one fell swoop.

Chalked full of witty quips and a hefty conveyance of the lyrical dexterity vigorously flowing in the buttery cadences exuded, N1N3 also accompanies the sonic elements with a music video that delves into his well-rounded sense of comedic relief to keep this forward message lighthearted. Dressed to the nines, the various scenes offered up have us completely submerged in his therapy sessions, reminiscent thoughts on past love, and his adoration for bright colors and high-end fashion.

The unique tone that hails from N1N3’s sultry timbres is both tantalizing and prevalent in the juxtaposition utilized. There are countless elements that make up the magnitude of N1N3. “LoveSick,” places us in the hands of his vulnerability as he explores lyrical motifs such as “Somebody I trusted and put all my love in, they made it look easy to leave me and treat me like nothing,” leaving us in the same state of mind he exemplifies.

Hello N1N3 and welcome to BuzzMusic. “LoveSick,” has our senses heightened in all ways possible. We love it! You delve into a vast array of wordplay in this record. What inspires the analogies and metaphors that we hear in your songwriting?

Metaphors and analogies have always been a big part of my songwriting formula/structure. I grew up listening to a lot of 90's hip-hop so that heavily influences the way I compose songs. In terms of wordplay, it effortlessly flows like water.

What was it like working with producer Illuid Haller to bring this soundscape to life?

I didn't get to personally work alongside the very talented and gifted Illuid Haller for this record, but we did keep in contact through email throughout the creation process of the record.

As the creator of “LoveSick,” what does this song mean to you? What are you hoping that listeners take away from it?

Well, "LoveSick" is a very personal song based on a relationship experience that I had back in 2017 that didn't end too well. I put nothing but my raw emotions and vulnerability into the record. The song means a lot to me because there is truth in every line. What I hope listeners would take away from this is that there is light in the heartbreak where I mentioned that "I'm glad she's gone cause it helped me grow" and overall to not be ashamed to express how you feel, especially men in today's society who find it embarrassing or "soft" to let out vulnerable emotions. (L.O.V.E)

What’s the concept behind your four-track EP “Dark Heart EP?" What inspired your selection of these four tracks to make up the concept?

The concept surrounding the "Dark Heart EP" is to not be afraid, to let out your true inner feelings in regards to love or anything else of that nature. The selection process of the four songs on the EP all had something in common and that was vulnerability. All songs are based on true events/feelings and emotions. The title "Dark Heart" derived from the lyrical content and the feelings associated with the songs on the project.

What would you like new listeners to know about you and your music?

I would like new listeners of my material to know that my music is "REAL" music. All facts no gimmicks, based on situations and experiences I go through in my life. Also, my creativity is on another level and I say that humbly. I'm extremely versatile which many people close to me would agree on. The more music I release, the more people will be able to recognize my versatility and true talent.

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