Nahhdahh Comes Back On BuzzMusic With New Music!

Welcome back Nahhdahh! We’re loving your newest track “I Feel A Way”! What inspired this song? 

Thank you so much for having me back and that’s amazing to hear. A lot of hard work goes into the creation of a record. Taking what resides in the deep depths of ones soul and translating it into a form that others can also experience. And nowadays with the abundance of so many talented artists and so much music being available at the push of a button makes it hard to get noticed, let alone be appreciated so that really means a lot, thank you. What inspired I Feel A Way to tell you the truth is relationships over the years. I’m sure everyone has experienced some type of betrayal whether it be from a friend, a family member or a co-worker that could smile in your face and really can’t stand you or despise you; some people aren’t always your friends and people you call a friend sometimes never see you in that same light.

You’ve been busy this year! What’s been your main plan of action as an artist in 2019?

My main plan is to consistently release 1000% quality music and continue evolving and opening up more socially. I also want to grow my fan base and continue making better pieces of art and content. Considering how music production has evolved and with the current technology available thus allowing anyone to put together an arrangement, even on your iPhone lol; without understanding a single thing about music theory gives people no excuse now to download an app or a program on your computer and express yourself. My goal is to find myself within my art and deliver on every single record.

The last time we spoke you mentioned that you were working on some new visuals for your track “Sad Day”! Do you have any news on when that’s dropping? 

Sadly the visuals for “Sad

Day” got pushed back at the moment due to scheduling issues, vision and budget limits to create what needs to be created to bring that record to life. When me and $ knowy link to get it done best believe it will be a movie. 

It hasn’t been long since we wrote about your song “Sad Day”. How do you keep yourself on track to write and record so consistently?

My creativity never stops actually, the hard part is turning it off. I’m inspired by various art forms such as Independent films, paintings, stop motion artists and from a simple day to day conversation; a lot of my material comes from that.

Who or what would you say inspires you the most to pursue and put your time and passion into music?

(Me Myself & Irene) naw that’s one of my favorite movies lol but me; I’m creating this art because it’s therapeutic. When I stepped away from music maybe 3-4 years ago something always felt off, like apart of me was missing and it truly was; music is my therapy/ therapist (We meet and talk about everything and music never judges me.) I never said this publicly . I always planned on making a YouTube video in which I would open up and reveal things in depth but I always talked myself out of doing it. Being worried about my imagery as a hip hop artist & what people would think but now I’m like “fuck it”. I don’t know if profanity is allowed but it’s my truth and it’s part of who I have become. I have been dealing with depression and some mental health issues and getting back to being creative and writing; creating content has helped me better cope with those issues.


Give a listen to Nahhdahh's latest track here, and check out his socials below for updates on music and shows!