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Nahhdahh Released A Powerful Song About Today’s Society, “Sad Day”

Nahhdahh began his journey in the year of 2000, falling in love with songwriting , producing, sound, and live engineering, mixing, and arranging. He began to find success with Bump Records, a youth organization at Youth Uprising; working and being featured on “The Future” album that placed on the top 100 billboard when released. Since Nahhdahh’s style is unorthodox and different from the rest, he continued developing his sound with the release of his mixtape; “Nation Wide Demo”. Nahhdahh is a truly gifted artist, whether it’s making beats or lyrics with meaning his soul is a part of his art 110%.

Nahhdahh released the single “Sad Day” and let’s just say, this record wastes no time! By the introduction, that initiating deep bass in the beat already has your anticipation moving. It’s the gritty rap being presented in this record, a personal favorite style of mines. Nahhdahh flow was INSANE. He kept the uppermost vocal control while showcasing versatility in the flow, and the pace of his delivery. The lyrical arrangement was powerful, and thought-provoking. The hard-hitting lyrics has its listener reflecting on the reality of many situations. Nahhdahh gives you a crazy insight on how politics, media, and pop culture is actually brainwashing the society. “Sad Day” highlights on significant amount of issues, and problems in our current world. It’s like “damn, I didn’t even think of this in that way.” “Sad Day” was in a way, inspirational. Nahhdahh moves his listener with the compelling, and detailed noting of what it’s like to live in the United States currently. Nahhdahh is undeniably an artist to be on the lookout for. If he’s able to give you strong lyric substance with killer beats, and a raw delivery, what else could he do?

Check out the track here and scroll down for more with Nahhdahh!

Hey and welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you tell our readers about yourself?

I’m an all around artist and love all genres of music. I first fell in love with music at a very young age with my grandmother playing Michael Jackson, Earth Wind and Fire along with many others. Growing up in church also impacted me. Watching the band play and seeing the congregation dance, move and jump from the energy of the music influenced me to wanna create and make people feel the same way.

“Sad Day” seems to have a super strong lyrical meaning behind it. What was the theme behind this song?

Sad day is about the state of America and the horrible times we live in. Normalizing the day to day scandals and unseemly acts like they’re normal. I created Sad Day to try and bring awareness and wake everyone up from this cold zombie like mentality because if we continue down this desensitized walk of life I fear the worst for this nation.

How has Bump Records impacted your career?

Bump Records was so influential to my career. It helped me add depth and detail to my craft and also explore different avenues of artistry. It also helped me learn new skills like actual Producing. I used to play around with a program called cakewalk but I didn’t know what I was doing. I also discovered Sound engineering as well as who I am and what I wanted to Project to the world. Being around all the other amazing artists like Do dat , Los Rakas , ID, DJ Patrick , Rapstarz and so many others was like the Silicon Valley of underground rap hub. Without Bump Records Nahhdah wouldn’t exist.

What would you like new fans and listeners to know about your music?

I create timeless art that evokes emotions; never filtered, always true and never dull.

What’s next for you this summer Nahhdahh?

My next single will be dropping soon. I’m also finishing up my debut Album Duo project with one of my Nato group members Jay Aye. Sad Day visual is going to be a movie. I also will be working on some merchandise and have some big collaborations and moves in the works that I can’t go into details about right now. Stay tuned the evolution will be epic.


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