Namilla Tells A Story In “Rollin”

Namilla hails all the way from Toronto and is West Coast’s upcoming hip-hop artist. From the East to the West, he always had a love for music and has been in the scene on a serious level since his incarceration in 2014. Music has and will always be what helps him surpass challenging times, most of which are reflected through his lyrics and strong musical decisions. Furthermore, such inspiration is the source of his musical drive. His musical influence comes from rappers such as Method Man, Biggie, Yuck Mouth, and X-Raided.

We took a listen to Namilla’s “Rollin” and this began with a melodic atmosphere that elevated its listener into the song right before the beat drops and gives us an aggressive smack. The smashing production in “Rollin” was a mixture of hard-trap and soft-rap. The fusion of the melody mixed with the hard-hitting aggression gave us a unique vibe that weave’d between getting hype, and tuning in with our emotions. The vocal tone of Namilla’s is completely different from anything I ever heard before and was essentially one of the main reasons I enjoyed this record. He had a unique articulation that gave a special delivery to “Rollin”. One we will never forget. He convicted true passion through the sentimental lyrics and the raw authenticity to his artistry. Namilla is a fascinating artist with a special one of a kind sound that can’t be compared to any other artist in the industry at the moment. He will certainly go extremely far.

Check out "Rollin" below and keep scrolling to read more in our exclusive interview!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Namilla! Mind telling us a bit about your upbringing? In what ways has this impacted your music?

My childhood was in Victoria, BC Canada. I grew up on the East Coast of Canada (Toronto), spent some challenging years in Calgary, and can call the West Coast, being Vancouver, home. Aside from my natural passion for music, it’s my life experiences that play a huge role and impact my music. I am able to express myself lyrically through music, as do most artists.

What’s the most challenging aspect for you as an upcoming artist? In what ways do you overcome these obstacles?

Being an artist in BC is a challenge in itself. There is not a lot support for “gangster rap” here, compared to other major cities IE: Toronto, Montreal. If there were more resources, events, and accessible networking to artists like myself it would definitely be beneficial. The only way to overcome these obstacles is to persevere, and not give up on what I believe in. I will think outside the box and push my music all the way in peoples’ faces LOL.

“Rollin” seemed to have had a strong lyrical presence to it. What was the meaning behind this song?

“Rollin” was just a way for me to express my different styles and I made it as simple as possible so that my audience would be able to connect with it more and have a better understanding of me. There’s no specific meaning, other than a man (me), that loves music and speaks on things and people that try to hold me back or want to hold me back.

What inspired you to write “Rollin”?

I will rephrase this question to ‘Who’ inspired me to write “Rollin”. Simply put my late ‘Bloodah’ DON CASTRO. He straight told me that this was going to be a banger so I went for it...and it’s a hit...RIP CASTRO.


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