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Nandes Premieres His New Single, “Humble Stunt”

" I just want to inspire and restore hope in our communities much like the jobs artists such as Tupac, Nas, Lupe Fiasco, and the late great Nipsey Hussle has done for their communities, I just want to be in the the company of greats!” - Nandes

A compton artist whose focused and determined to bring positive awareness and prestige back to the city he loves, Nandes goal is to create thought-provoking but fun hits. Having to be raised by a single mother in an urban environment, Nandes is well aware of the struggles that can be ever so presented in these specific communities. This led to Nandes writing his first ever rap at the young age of 11. Nandes didn’t begin seriously writing music until he reached high school once a friend of his encouraged him to do so. Fast forward to several years later, after dealing with various trials and tribulations within his collegiate education, Nandes released his free download debut EP entitled " The Talented Tenth Compton Era" on Soundcloud, and other various music platforms in the summer of 2015. This led to quite significant amount of accomplishments for Nandes in which includes opening up for Baby Bash, Dee-1, and Slum Village.

Nandes premiered his single titled “Humble Stunt” and we loved how Nandes stayed true to his motto. Not shying away from who his personality is. Nandes contributed to the humbling characteristic of his artistry while balancing the modern day addictive beats. “Humble Stunt” had us head banging and enjoying the intense bass that strikes you with a force of intensity! “Give the game what they want, but I do it the pro way, "Ima be the one” that was my personal favorite line and the highlighting lyric in the hook for me. It basically reflects everything Nandes represents. He wants to bring a change to the music industry while also holding the respectable factor to his music. Nandes knows how to blend together fun and outgoing rap alongside metaphorically intelligent lyrics. His lyricism is real, raw, and uncut while fluently floating on top of a fire beat.

Nandes is a product of his environment and he owns it in his music! He promotes a positive message through his lyrics without surfacing the morale of it. Instead, he gives his listener room to think about what he’s saying and that’s the entire fun of it all! Nandes is aiming to be one of the future greats, and with his bonafide persona, we’re almost positive he can reach the impact he desires.

Listen to "Humble Stunt" here and get to know more about Nandes below!

Growing up in the urban community of Compton, what are some challenges you’ve faced in your career so far and how did you overcome them Nandes?

That is a great question. Well seeing as how I do Positive Rap and I branded myself as a Positive Rap Official (PRO), the biggest obstacle that I have faced is being stereotyped as a typical rapper from the hood. The fact of the matter is that there are so many great people doing great things in Compton, there are soooooo many amazing people that holding us to less than stereotypes because of where we are from is just downright wrong. I overcome those stereotypes by letting my music speak for me.

In your viewpoint, what’s your take on the current sound of hip-hop and rap?

I believe that the current sound is very diverse, there's a style of music for everyone, no matter what you are into, there's a whole world of music outside of what's pushed in the mainstream, you just have to dig for it.

Tell us about “Humble Stunt” and the lyrical meaning behind it!?

Humble Stunt is a message song. On the surface it's fun and playful, but if you dig deeper into it you'll find that it deals with relevant topics in today's society.

Theres deeper meanings being spoken about, such as black lives matter, and how stunting can mean so many different things to so many different people but the most important stunt is living unapologetically in your truth, and that's something a lot of people never realize in their lives sadly.....

How does the title reflect its message and theme?

The title reflects its message  and theme because anybody can stunt, but it takes a special kind of person to stunt quietly and humbly and be so secure in who they are that they don't need outside validation. As I stated earlier Humbly Stunting is about living unapologetically in your truth no matter what!

What’s next for you Nandes?

I have a few music videos dropping really soon, and I am working on a EP that I plan to release later in the year. Until then I plan to keep motivating and inspiring my fans and supporters and keep delivering quality content that I hope will provide real value to their lives!


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