Nashville Based Duo City Silos Releases New Single “Just Like Her”

City Silos is the dynamic power couple and musical duo of Chris and Kristen Butler. Working tirelessly for the last four years, the husband and wife combo of City Silos has wandered through day jobs and late-night songwriting sessions, sleeping in a van and living on the road, to emerging with a statement-making debut record, “Happy Thoughts”. The spectacular debut album combines melodic rock guitars and synth bass, with a dance groove reminiscent of 80’s pop. They wind their way savagely through blues pop- inflected guitar riffs that stick on the brain and jolt the system alive, guitars crashing into one another and the drum kit setting the whole show on fire. Originally from different corners of the south, Kristen and Chris meld their upbringings, musical backgrounds and styles with ease. 

Nashville duo City Silos have the sound and alluring capabilities of a veteran act. The chemistry and sheer talent that flows through the speakers in their newest hit “Just Like Her” is breathtaking. Kristen’s vocal register flows freely and flawlessly through emotive lyricism. Pummeling guitars fused with synth laden bass and powerhouse vocals make “Just Like Her” a timeless hit. The track is groovy, relatable and an impressive release from the duo’s debut album. City Silos have the admirable talent of curating music that all listeners can interpret and relate. It’s skills like this that put City Silos on the map in a big way to inspire and galvanize the music scene today. I highly recommend you check out “Just Like Her” and stay tuned for the release of City Silos debut record “Happy Thoughts”.

Listen to “Just Like Her” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Welcome to BuzzMusic! When is your debut album “Happy Thoughts” set to be released?

KRISTEN: Thanks for having us! Our debut album "Happy Thoughts" is releasing on August 30th, but is available for pre-order on all digital stores now! You can also go to our official store on our website at to reserve a copy of Vinyl or CD.

How do you draw inspiration from your various musical influences?

CHRIS: I don't think it's something intentional that you do but when you start writing those influences just start to come out. For us, it's fun to hear those influences come out in our music, like Paramore or The Black Keys, without trying to. Especially with artists/bands that we grew up listening to like Eric Clapton or Aretha Franklin.

Tell us more about the lyrics in “Just Like Her”! What emotions did you have to channel while creating this song?

KRISTEN: On the surface, the song describes a woman at a party who's very effortlessly herself and cool, and I think lyrically it's just painting a picture of a woman that is very confident and that other people at this "party" recognize that. What I just described is what the song talks about, but the emotions are influenced by recognizing insecurities and jealousy.

What’s your favorite lyric line in “Just Like Her”? Why?

KRISTEN: I really like the line "sippin' on her solo cup". I like that because we associate that with the red plastic cup, but it's really an indirect way of saying that she's a "solo" person and doesn't like to lean on others, and that's what that is actually referring to.

What can your fans expect from your much anticipated record “Happy Thoughts”?

CHRIS: It's really a collection of songs that encompasses everything we wanted to showcase as our debut album. Our influences, thoughts, feelings, etc. The album has an overarching theme of human emotions that aren't so "happy" and we played on that with the title and the title track "Happy Thoughts".

What's next for CITY SILOS?

KRISTEN: We have one more single and a music video to be released before the album drops on August 30th. We also have a special release showing coming up in Nashville at The Basement on August 26th that people can get a copy of the record early. We'll be hitting the road this fall in support of the album release so keep an eye out on all of our socials for new tour dates!


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