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Nasir Jr Released “Get With The Program”

Nasir Jr is a rap singer who’s originally from the city of Abuja, Nigeria. Since immigrating Canada became his home, his sound been built on genre fusion with hip-hop being the backbone of the music. His sound is diverse and the energy that he can bring to the stage is unmatched.

Nasir Jr released his single titled “Get With The Program” and we loved every bit about it! Nasir Jr has a nice cultural aesthetic to his voice, which makes this record more unique than your standard rap hits! Nasir Jr emoted his lyrics with a passionate projection, strengthening the connection between the listener and the music, as a listener we’re able to explore the multiple dimensions Nasir offers us in “Get With The Program”. He channels his mix of singing and rapping to create a more multi-faceted persona in the arrangement of “Get With The Program”. This was smoothly done, fabricating a more solid vibe than usual. “Get With The Program” is bound to generate new fans for Nasir Jr due to the overwhelming energy it presents us, making us want to come back for more. The experience Nasir Jr gives you with “Get With The Program” is an experience like no other, and you can’t forget it. Nasir Jr succeeds with this record, and we were expanded into a new realm of artistry that was much appreciated. We’re anticipating what Nasir Jr has next in store for us.

Listen to "Get With The Program" here and get to know more about Nasir Jr below!

Hey Nasir Jr! How would you describe the style of “Rap singing”, do you believe this is a new subgenre in hip-hop?

It’s funny you start with that, and I would say it is a termed that was settled on mainly because I and my friends couldn’t figure out a box to put me in as a rapper. Rap singing - the execution of the old school traditional rap style with a twist of melodic infusion. I use the word infusion as it sums up my style as an artist with influences ranging from genres such as jazz, afropop/afrobeat, grime to alternative rock.

Tell us about “Get With The Program!”

This is a song that speaks to me dearly and can pretty much summarize what I've been through while trying to get to this point in life. Raised by African parents in Nigeria and immigrating to Canada, this song speaks to the struggle trying to convince friends and family that making music is really want I want in and out of life. A lot of the message centers on the earliest feedback I got when I began to put music out there. Some of these include "you can't last," "what makes you think you can do this full time?" and "are you sure music is the career for you?" So, this is a statement from me to all that doubted the process emphasizing that I'm not just here for now, I'm here to stay.

What was the impact you hoped this song achieved on its listeners?

My thought when making this record was to give the listeners that nostalgia of this Rap genre with a twist that’ll make you not only bump your head, but request this at the club. I also hoped the message would be received that negativity within your surrounding isn’t enough reason to deny yourself of your dream.

From your artist point of view, which moment in “Get With The Program” was your favorite!?

Lol, my favorite moment. Now that’s not an easy question to answer considering I particularly like this record a lot. If I had to pick though I would say right where I switch up the tempo in the second verse; the part that goes:

Yeaaaah i’m talking liquid funds

Tell them sey, my levels don change 

Tell them sey, the journey don teh 

Tell them sey, we came from bottom 

And now we balling like Drizzy………….

Mainly because a lot of that part was written in pidgin, and that allows me to express myself differently on a record.

What’s next for you Nasir Jr?

I just wrapped up shooting the music video for “Get With The Program,” so that is something to look forward to as it completes the story. I also have a single in the works for the summer before my mixtape drops, which is titled ‘Quantum Leap.’


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