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Nasir MF Is Romantic, Irrational And Above Else Head Over Heels In “Romantic Fury”

The Brooklyn, NY, artist explores the feelings of all-encompassing limerence when you fall head over heels for a special someone.

Nasir MF exploded onto the music scene last December with his dynamic debut single “Fucking Lonely.” Never one to stay still or remain complacent, his follow-up “Romantic Fury” has established a budding streak of scorching hot releases that will hopefully continue for a long time.

Not content to make music, Nasir MF hopes that rather than being catchy, his music will also help inspire queer BIPOC artists to pursue their dreams. Nasir hopes that his music will encourage queer BIPOC artists to share their art with the world and ultimately break free from the social constraints of society and explore the limitless well of creativity that dwells within us all.

Like his musical abilities, Nasir MF’s musical inspirations are equally diverse. Coming up, he drew inspiration from the 80s and 90s NYC freestyle movement, with artists such as Exposé, Rockell, and Stevie B acting as significant formative influences.

However, the artist's current influences come from the PC Music scene, which includes artists such as Charli XCX, Namasenda and Caroline Polachek, among others. You could say that Nasir MF's music reflects this eclectic mix of inspirations. With his ability to constantly push boundaries and integrate different influences, the sky is truly the limit.

“Romantic Fury,” his electrifying follow-up to his powerful debut “Fucking Lonely,” sees Nasir continue to push boundaries with an honesty that is as refreshing as addictive. Over expansive and winding hyper-pop instrumentals, Nasir MF grapples with the all-consuming infatuation you feel when you have someone special on your mind. It’s an anthem for all of the hopeless romantics out there, and as Nasir MF himself admits, “It is super unhealthy, but hey, it happens... it is honest.”

Nasir MF's music is a must-listen for anyone looking to experience the raw, unfiltered sound of an artist who is unafraid to push boundaries and challenge conventions. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Nasir MF’s “Romantic Fury,” available now on all major streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Nasir MF. We loved “Romantic Fury;” we’ve all been there, right? Staying up late, butterflies and everything. We had to ask, what was the inspiration behind this song? Were you drawing from personal experiences?

Ugh, yes! We’ve unfortunately all been there. The song is about my dating experiences over the last six years. Most of them were extremely intense and a bit unhealthy. I always thought having anxiety around love was normal until I discussed it with my therapist, and they said: “Yeah, no. Let’s work on this anxious attachment style.” Haha

What was your favourite part about bringing the music video for “Romantic Fury” to life?

My favourite part about bringing it to life was working with the incredible director Alp Topçu. He was extremely communicative and committed to creating this dream video of mine. In addition, I love the symbolism of the video. It’s shot in a boxing ring and explores how obsessive love feels like a battle or a match. Also, being super queer in a traditionally masculine space was pretty interesting.

For listeners who aren’t familiar with your music, how would you describe your sound?

Great question! I’d describe my lyrics as sassy, vulnerable, self-deprecating, and honest. In terms of sound, I work with various producers to achieve a bubbly and ethereal yet edgy sound. I love contrasts because I tend to work in extremes.

What would it be if you wanted listeners to take one thing away from your music?

I’d love listeners not to beat themselves up. We all “mess up” about love, especially those who didn’t experience healthy love growing up. That’s not an excuse for a specific behaviour but more of a reminder to be compassionate with ourselves during our healing journey.

What’s next for Nasir MF? Do you have any goals for the rest of 2023, and when can we expect to hear new music?

I dropped my debut EP “luv, self loathe,” on Valentine’s Day this year. I’m currently working with producers on a remix project, which should drop within the next two months. In addition, I’m already working on my next EP, which will come out this fall. I may not have a ton of supporters yet, but those I do have will get fed this year! Also, I have a bunch of DJ gigs and live performances coming up in NYC! I want everyone to rejoice, dance, and love. That’s all I want!


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