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Natalia Moon Takes Us to the Club In "We Can Do It"

Hailing from the land down under, singer-songwriter and producer Natalia Moon livens the party with her latest thrilling electro-pop/bass single, "We Can Do It."

Moon became a household name in the Phillippines after being nominated for Outstanding Breakthrough Actress for her role on GMA's Ismol Family Sitcom. The Australia-based international DJ is a well-rounded performer and producer who won Queen of the Mashupds DJ World Champion in India in 2018.

Recently dropping her exciting pop-bass anthem, "We Can Do It," the song is actually released under Natalia Moon's DJ alias, Neon Moon. The tune is a bouncy club banger that sings of a never-ending love cycle and an unhealthy relationship that's taken its toll on both parties. However, Natalia Moon sings and grooves with nothing but an energy to create a lively and exciting house bop.

Expanding on "We Can Do It," the song kicks off with an upbeat house drum arrangement that later transitions into the mysterious and sultry verse. As Natalia Moon's lush and breathy vocals begin to rain down from above, a lively piano melody ups the song's soul while building with the utmost anticipation and energy.

As Natalia Moon continues to sing of letting go from a past lover, the sweltering and deep bass drop shakes our speakers with this modern and punchy synth arrangement that keeps us moving and grooving. We love the passion Natalia Moon sings with; although she explains a rather heartfelt and emotional concept, the song's production keeps our spirits high until the very last beat.

Get down with Natalia Moon's latest single, "We Can Do It," available on all digital streaming platforms under Natalia's DJ alias, Neon Moon.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Natalia Moon. We can't get enough of the energy and groove within your latest single, "We Can Do It." What inspired the song's emotional and passionate lyrical content?

Thank you! Yes “we can do it” is a song about relationships but it’s more aiming towards an eternal love that you can’t let go of. Some people are meant to be and others are meant to learn something or pass by to teach you something. Sometimes people can confuse love with Lust. This song shows the emotions and story but can be interpreted in many ways to relate to the listener. I also wanted to keep it light hence the drop. Could you break down how you began crafting the production for "We Can Do It?" How did your creative process begin?

I usually make up a story like a film and then I write a song based on my story. Sometimes it’s completely made up and other times I relate it to myself or write songs based on someone I know. I love songwriting, then producing with Ableton comes after that. Why did you choose to create such an energetic and uplifting sonic atmosphere for "We Can Do It," even though you're singing about a rather emotional concept?

Because not always breakups are sad they may be at the time but when you realize that person isn’t you’re soul mate but you both learned something from one another or embraced that person for the time you were meant to, Things become more clear. In the long run, everyone wants to find that soul mate so it’s important not to waste people's time and let them find that person this is “We can do it “ pretty much in a nutshell. Keeping it light and letting go. What's it like being a female producer in the male-dominated music industry? What words of wisdom or advice would you offer to aspiring female producers and DJs?

Of course, every job has its challenges and I have had a few instances where being a female producer and DJ has some ups and downs. I have had some shows I have sabotaged the cords changed before my set, so the players would be backward playing but it taught me to know everything on the equipment. I have also had some comments like “lucky your pretty” or “do you actually DJ or just press play”. So for me, I think it’s important to show your skills but you can’t please everyone. Yes Sex appeal sells and having beauty on a poster is nice, I embrace my sexy side but I also am technical DJing and won Queen of the mashups 2018. What's next for you?

I am putting out a bunch of new songs and will also be incorporating my beat machine and live singing to spice it up. I will be traveling next year I'm thinking of Europe and Asia. I also have some TV projects in the works so it’s going to be a busy

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