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Natalia Soul Expresses Her Inner Demons With an Emotional Single, "Hurt You"

From Argentina to Nashville, TN, the composer turned singer-songwriter Natalia Soul reminds us to love at our own risk with her recent single, "Hurt You."

Through her eclectic background of studying opera, pursuing a composition degree, studying guitar, and acting, Natalia Soul found herself nestled in with the sounds of neo-soul and funk. After experiencing the trials and tribulations of life, Natalia Soul later reinvented herself through a journey of radical self-love, meditation, yoga, and creating art.

Through her emotional journey of a single, Natalia Soul noted that "Hurt You" is about loving at your own risk, breaking hearts and desires. As she delivers her emotional lyricism depicting her self-deprecating thoughts towards embarking on a new relationship, Natalia Soul sings with the utmost grace and passion, keeping us engaged with every heartfelt inch and element of this relatable piece.

"Hurt You" placidly begins with plucky electric and acoustic guitars and Natalia Soul's flavorful background vocals. As she beings singing her first verse, she wastes no time and jumps to the point with lyrics like "I won't mean to, but I'm gonna hurt you." We can already feel the genuine and raw emotion Natalia Soul feels through each relatable lyric she sings.

Reaching the hook, Natalia Soul exclaims her need to let go of these thoughts and throw her hands up to the sky without asking any questions. The song's instrumentation is incredibly serene and comforting, primarily through the jazzy and soulful electric guitar solo at the bridge, bursting in all sorts of colors and tastes.

Coming to the end of "Hurt You," we can't help but grow a deeper connection with Natalia Soul through her relatable and heavily vulnerable lyricism within this single. Find "Hurt You" on all digital streaming platforms.

We're more than appreciative of such an emotionally relatable single like "Hurt You." What inspired the creation of this piece?

Thank you so much for taking the time to listen! This might be a shocker, but I am not the hopeless romantic type. I want to be! but It just doesn't come naturally. It takes me a while to "fall" in love, to trust... This hesitation comes across as being coldhearted, but in truth, there's this underlying fear of being seen, and at the same time fear of not being seen. If I open up will they see more of my ugly emotional wounds or more of the beauty of the lessons learned? Just to give an example. Surely I couldn't be the only one struggling with this. The broken ones, the victims of abuse that are venturing back in the world, the ones that struggle with all kinds of self-love issues, anyone that feels like they need to hide their true selves… the people that, as I do, feel emotionally crippled, deserve a love song too… Hurt You is that. An introspective conversation. In which we try to decide if this one love, is worth the heartache.

Did you find it challenging to open up and be so vulnerable when writing the emotional lyricism within "Hurt You?" Or did your words flow with ease?

YES! It was challenging. I had to fight myself for 3 hours. Once we finally had the theme, my co-writer, the sweetest human alive, started coming up with words and I felt cornered and had no choice but to drop the guard and spill the tea. haha, in other words, the words started flowing once I finally allowed myself to be vulnerable.

What was your creative and recording process like when formulating the mellow and soulful instrumentals for "Hurt You?" Was this a solo process, or did you work with any fellow creators?

Yes!!! This was SO MUCH FUN. I collaborated with guitarist Logan Reeves. I wanted a strong rhythmic guitar and a pulsing kick to drive the song. We were going back and forth with voice memos. We have this chemistry and it's so easy to simply vibe together and arrive at a particular soundscape without much discussion other than “Can We add this or that”?

Recording vocals was a totally different mood, because If I don't feel, If I don't express emotion, the song is pretty much dead. So...I was pretty emotional at times….Fun times!

Seeing as "Hurt You" is off your recent EP 'Hurt You,' could you tell us more about the full project? What themes did you take on throughout the EP?

Funny and "tragic". I just went with what felt right, but in retrospect, I chose the songs that had those two elements in them. And yes, the self-proclaimed NONhopeless romantic made an EP exclusively of love songs … ha! That's funny!



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