Natalie Carr Leaves It Up to, "Fate"

From Stamford to Charlotte, NC, the pop/r&b artist and versatile singer-songwriter Natalie Carr pays tribute to her beneficial and detrimental decisions with a serene single, "Fate."

Artistically residing between the sounds of r&b and pop, Natalie Carr creates music for those who desire something greater to relate with. After her career's launch in 2019, Natalie Carr quickly amassed a loyal following while keeping them entertained with vulnerable and honest lyricism, depicting our everyday struggles and situations.

Highlighting her latest single, "Fate," Natalie Carr touches on past moments that aren't the easiest to look back on but helped her decision-making grow and mature. Co-produced by JMac and Raymond Maxwell (and mixed by Dillon Lawter), the single offers a relaxed mid-tempo groove to accentuate and highlight Natalie Carr's in-depth lyricism.

When listening to "Fate," the song peacefully opens with a soothing synth arrangement, mid-tempo snaps, and Natalie Carr's lush vocal stylings. As she begins describing past situations that weren't necessarily beneficial for her well-being, Carr later offers us a highly emotional vocal portrayal to emphasize life's jagged path.

Listening to the sonics, the team of producers truly fueled this single with incredibly relaxing and laid-back elements, allowing listeners to embrace Natalie Carr's vulnerable lyricism. Through lyrics like "I tried to see the bigger picture, but I'm stuck inside it," Carr alludes to feeling trapped in a preceding situation while seeking ways to grow and mature with past experiences and mistakes in mind.

Listeners can learn a thing or two from Natalie Carr as she explores 20/20 hindsight with her latest single, "Fate," now available on all digital streaming platforms.