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Natalie Clark Makes it Known That She's "Ready to Roll"

Scottish singer-songwriter Natalie Clark has reaped applause from Virgin’s Sir Richard Branson and BBC Radio 1s Nick Grimshaw. After being selected as Mercedes Benz KTLA ‘Artist to Watch’ after moving to the United States, she was featured in the commercial campaign that included performances at the famous Roxy on Sunset and The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles.

Handpicked to open for the Grammy award-winning Indigo Girls tour, and receiving acclamations from multi-platinum artists such as Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton when she appeared on NBC’s The Voice, the main theme surrounding her sound is that her vocals are ‘cool and powerful,’ and ‘incredible.’

Spicing things up with a smoldering vocal, Natalie Clark’s latest single, “Ready to Roll,” has an edgy and upbeat appeal to the way she conveys her sound. Tiptoeing between the realms of Rock meets Pop, there’s a simmering essence of new wave swing that greets the classic hues of music to come before her.

Capturing us into the chambers of infectious grooves, the resonated bassline weighs in heavily with an impactful tempo that sets the tone of this record. Natalie Clark applies her sultry and empowering timbres to the track as her vocal performance glistens with tones of authenticity and realism. With lyrics that reflect a newfound state of mind that fixates upon the optimistic hues of a journey to the top, it’s hard not to latch onto lyrics such as, ‘There’s no need to run and hide no. Oh I can see the light, and I’m heading through the tunnel.’

Now time to queue up the unmatched harmonies that carry her amplified croons to heightened dimensions beyond our reach. There’s a brilliant emphasis that is encompassed into the entire sonic voyage of “Ready to Roll.” With Natalie Clark at the helm, she brings out the best in this bolstered atmosphere of driving liberation.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Natalie Clark, and congratulations on the release of “Ready to Roll.” We love the approach that you took towards making this song hone in on both nostalgic and modern sounds! What is the meaning behind the lyrics of this track?

Ready to Roll is a song about heading into brighter, better days! The lyrics are all about feeling good and the excitement and adventure of choosing your own path in life and owning that! Whatever direction you want to go, and whoever you want to be, it’s up to you! GO for it!!!

What sparked the inspiration that went into creating “Ready to Roll?" How does this song compare to other tracks heard in your music catalog?

I wrote the song in a moment of feeling hope and excitement about the future! It was the first time during 2020 where I could finally see a light at the end of the tunnel! I could imagine listening to it, with the windows down in the summertime and feeling that sense of freedom and joy again! I think the song has a similar, positive message to a lot of my other tracks, but I knew I wanted to create something a bit different sonically on this one. I worked with an amazing producer, Mike Gentile, and he really brought the song to life, giving the song that overall feel-good vibe! I knew I wanted a strong electric-guitar led to feel and a toe-tapping, hand-clapping beat that hopefully will get people dancing and feeling that joy I wanted to bring!

What is your mission statement as an artist? How do you ensure that is conveyed through each song that you put forth?

My mission is really just to write and create honest songs from the heart that people can feel and can hopefully be helpful to them in some way! Music has helped me so much so I always hope that my music can do the same for others!

With such remarkable accolades in your career, is there anyone moment in particular that you feel has shaped who you are today?

After I quit my job as a teacher in Scotland to pursue my dream of making music, I had a magical, chance encounter with the wonderful Sir Richard Branson where he asked me to sing on the spot in front of a live audience! It was a scary moment, but it thankfully worked out and it really gave me the confidence and courage to keep pursuing my dreams and know I was on the right path!

What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you Natalie?

Ready to Roll is actually the first single from an E.P that I’ll be releasing in September! I’m just so excited to have music to share over the summer and can’t wait to put the full record out there!!!

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