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Natalie Kroh’s Powerful Vocals and Soulful Melodies Create R&B Waves on Latest Single, "Mulholland”

Beginning her writing career while as a student of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Lo Angeles Native Natalie Kroh’s heart beats with a pulse for contemporary R&B.

Although she is only 21 years old, her music embodies a sense of maturity and perfection like many other ultra-successful artists like H.E.R, Danielle Caesar, and Brandy. Her new single “Mulholland,” was just released and is sure to connect with listeners on a deep emotional level.

Kroh's vocals glide beautifully above the layered instrumentals while keeping strong, moving beat and a powerful voice. Her brutally honest lyrics are matched to create catchy melodies that are changing the R&B genre as she expresses her voice through her unique perspective of life in the City of Angels.

“Mulholland” is truly a soulful track with lyrics like “But I like the way you smile, feels like home” which gives listeners more insight into Kroh’s personal experiences and feelings, making her an extremely relatable artist.

Although she considers herself to be a quieter individual, her vocals burst up through the engaging instrumentals with motivating energy that ties the entire production together. Natalie Kroh’s ability to remain light, comforting sound while showing a power behind her voice is one of the amazing personal abilities that set her apart as an artist.

Your new single is such a catchy and powerful melody, can you walk us through your inspiration for this piece?

Hey, thanks for having me! And thank you so much!! Funny enough, when I first wrote this song, I wrote it on the piano and the lyrics/melodies were VERY different. It was about a fight I got in with somebody, and I was just getting in my feels haha. But I took it into the studio with the producer I was working with, and he turned it into more of an R&B beat. I don’t really know how I started writing about LA… I just did. I always loved the lights you could see of the valley from Mulholland, and I feel like LA has this unexplainable magnetic pull to it. And that’s just kinda what naturally came to me to write about! That’s what I was feeling from the beat.

How do you feel Berklee College of Music impacted your musical sound and influenced your strong love of R&B?

Going to Berklee was a game-changer for me. I would say the biggest thing I got from it was the people I met. Having such a creative environment around me and having all these creative people around me exposed me to a lot of different sounds and ideas, and I eventually realized that the avenue I wanted to go down was contemporary R&B. I’ve always loved R&B since I was a kid, but I didn’t fully realize that was the route I wanted to pursue until I got to Berklee.

We are so excited that this song is finally available to the public! What was the process like creating this single during the pandemic and did that cause any extra difficulty?

ME TOO. This song…. was a labor of love for many years. I actually wrote it in 2015, put it aside, and started working on it again in 2019. I finished recording it in 2019 but had to figure out the cover photo, graphic design, promo content, and mixing/mastering during the pandemic, and it was really tough. I was always going back and forth between LA and Boston, going back and forth between working on school vs. my own music, having to effectively communicate with the people I was working with online, PLUS having to deal with the pandemic. It was very emotionally and mentally challenging, but I’d been working on it for so long, I wasn’t gonna stop until it was finally released.

Being such a new young artist in the industry how are you hoping to continue to grow after the release of “Mulholland?"

I’m just trying to get my name out there, honestly. Of course, I want people to connect with my music… the challenge lies in how I’m actually gonna get people to hear it. With that being said, it’s always helpful to have followed on Spotify, as well as have people share my music with their friends and family.

What's next for you?

I’m writing LOTS of new music, and have plans to release plenty in 2021! So, y’all better stick around if you wanna keep up!



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