Natalie Nichole Finds Synergy in Her Collaboration With Naz T Musiq for "Pay Attention"

Few singer-songwriters have the kind of mastery over their vocal performance as Natalie Nichole and Naz T Musiq. She offers up the type of music you would abandon everything and anything to listen to. It's the type of thing that you'd leave in the middle of a dinner party for retreating into the nearest shower to let Nichole's and Naz T Music's woos wash over you like the luscious reverb floods into your ears. Her new song is a mix of R&B slow jam combined into a blissful contemporary vibe, and rousing spiritual stimulus. It should evoke a feeling that can melt any non-believers who can't see that these two collaborators gel together on a soulful backdrop production.

"Pay Attention" is perhaps the most dazzling thing to come from the new pairing this summer, and hopefully not the last. It works in multiple layers of a pristine sounding production and features topline registers and harmonies that astonish. It is somehow simultaneously swanky enough to fill a dance floor with the clamor of swaying feet while also contending as a soulful RnB top-shelf selection for a Sunday evening. In the middle of it all are two dynamic vocal performances, vibing off one another in the most expressive fashion, battling out as they crescendo. There's a closeness to it as we're projected into the frontlines of emotions; the vocal performance soars high into the atmosphere tickling space, and then come touching back down with the elegance of a feather near the song's climax. Behind the piano's dancing, a crispy-tight mix, and the dynamics of their harmonies synergizing: Natalie Nichole conjures that sweet feeling of love. Featuring a growing maturity in her voice and Naz T Musiq warm support, Natalie is gifting us another summer hit with this newly welcomed addition to her gifted catalog.

You can listen to "Pay Attention" here.

Hey there, Natalie Nichole! Welcome to BuzzMusic, we're happy to be featuring your latest collaborative single, "Pay Attention." Can you tell us about some of the inspirations you drew from to imbue this song with so much vibe?

I have always loved writing duets. For some reason all my life I've been really good at hearing multiple voices coming together to make something beautiful. I didn't always have someone to sing the records I'd write with me so of course I just wrote solo records & released those but I've been blessed lately to find talents that have work ethic & the ability to truly sing/rap to where it's been easy to knock out records like this. As far as inspiration & it's vibe I'm an R&B singer that also writes all genres of music, I think the vibe is built in. You can't really force a song like this to be created - these types of records are truly divine. The mastery and dramatic aura surrounding your vocal performance on this single is absolutely astounding. Are there any practice rituals you've been able to attribute to your vocal dynamic and technique?  I studied the greats! I would mimic Patti Labelle that would help with my higher rage & strengthening my mixed voice. I'd practice singing Whitney Houston song for the runs & chest voice techniques. I obviously am also heavily influenced by Mariah Carey's falsetto, whisper tones & writing arrangements. I love GREAT talented people; I'd even study Al Green & the list goes on. I'd look up vocal warm-ups & learned how to sing with my diaphragm & just properly take care of my instrument. I still warm up my voice, practice & study; you can always learn something new & get better. How did you end up linking up with Naz T Musiq for this single? Was there a definitive plan, or was this a happy accident? Actually, I discovered Naz T Musiq at the talent showcase in Dallas, Tx. I thought he was absolutely gifted. I wanted to work with him & sign him to my indie label "Indience Music Group" from the moment the first note came out of his mouth, so that's what I did. When I originally wrote "Pay Attention" I had another singer in mind to sing it that sounded more like Chris Brown so I took away some of the soul of the song to make it more Pop friendly to match his voice. The other singer ended up declining to sing the record so I asked Naz T & he was more than happy to. When I heard Naz singing "Pay Attention" in the studio he brought back the soul vocally which allowed me to add my natural soul back to it as well. I couldn't have asked for a better feature & artist to work with. Naz T Musiq is a songwriter, singer, rapper, etc. in his own right & for him to take on my lyrics with such grace & allow me to produce/arrange his vocals in the studio is a talent in itself. Naz is such a true artist & open to trying new things that allow him to be expressive which is a highlight. Ultimately, that quality in him will give him a lot of opportunities & he'll have an amazing career. When do you think about the previous generations of music that you grew up listening to, which period has the most substantial influence on your musical style? I'm a Millennial. I'm heavily influenced by the 80s, 90s & early 2000s. A lot of my music is based on that era in particular. I must say though, I was raised with a plethora of older people around me from all walks of life that listened to music dating as far back as the 1920s. I'm well rounded in all genres of music & am absolutely influenced by a little bit of everything from rock, punk rock, classical music, pop, r&b, rap, etc. but to answer your question in short, my style, essence & heart when it comes to creating records with meaning stems from the 80s, 90s & early 2000s. What can we expect to see next from you? You can always expect more music. I definitely am debuting a lot of NEW artists from my label "Indience Music Group" starting this year so you can expect awesome collaborations with other talented creators. I'll be dropping beautiful visuals & I write scripts so I'll be working behind the scenes on some movie/tv show stuff as well. I'm an actor so you'll be seeing me on the big screen too. To keep it simple & straight to the point, I say expect the unexpected. God gave me many gifts & I plan to put them all into play & help as many talented creators that I possibly can along the way.