Natalie Nichole Returns With a Deeply Passionate Single, "Make It Right (Ft. Naz T Musiq)"

Just when you thought you knew passionate R&B, Natalie Nichole releases her heart-infused single "Make It Right (Ft. Naz T Musiq)."

This isn't the first time we've heard Natalie Nichole and Naz T Musiq pair up to create exceptional R&B jams, as they've clearly realized their sound together creates vast room for your heart to sing right along.

With the release of Natalie Nichole's latest single "Make It Right (Ft. Naz T Musiq)," they both express the desire to be close with someone while spicing it up with sensual delivery, vulnerable lyricism, and their captivating dynamic. With a soulful R&B beat, we're able to hear Natalie Nichole and Naz T Musiq's message loud and clear. 

Through jazzy piano chord progressions and a playful exclamation of a line from Drake's "Started From The Bottom," we can already feel the warm and stimulating atmosphere that's about to take place. "Make It Right (Ft. Naz T Musiq)" shifts into a profoundly heartfelt R&B jam that's emphasized through tender melodies that continually complement each other.

As Natalie Nichole and Naz T Musiq begin serenading us, they both deliver such prime vocal stylings that are nothing but natural. Natalie Nichole goes in on her verse and passionately explains her love for this person, while Naz T Musiq supports this theme with a catchy hook and his moving verse.

We've never been let down by a track from Natalie Nichole, especially when we see Naz T Musiq by her side.

You've wowed us once again with your soulful sound, especially through your single "Make It Right (Ft. Naz T Musiq)." What made you want to create another track with Naz T Musiq?

NATALIE NICHOLE: Naz T & I just sound so incredible together & he’s like family. Any

chance to work with my brother, I definitely will. I have his back & he has mine. He’s in

partnership with my Independent Label “Indience Music Group” & I mentor him through

a lot of the ins & outs of the music industry like how to properly distribute, submit

records, market & collect every royalty owed to him after releasing a Single/EP/Album.

We make sure to roll out each project in the most effective & efficient way that will keep

the artist moving forward in their career. Our motto is “Mastering, overcoming,

boundaries’ literally, aiming to rise above any & every obstacle that may occur during

our journey.

The sonics on your single "Make It Right (Ft. Naz T Musiq)" are very mellow and ear-pleasing. What inspired Natalie Nichole and Naz T Musiq to take this down-tempo and heartfelt approach?

NATALIE NICHOLE: This song was actually presented to me by a songwriter named

Geech Dollaz, she pulled up to the studio & showed me the beat & sang the hook she

wrote. Once I heard that catchy hook it was easy to jump in & lay it. I wrote my verse

the next day.

NAZ T MUSIQ: It just felt right, immediately when I heard the broken piano chord

progression in the intro, I instantly caught a vibe. Once the old school drums kicked in

that sealed the deal! Natalie & I work very well with each other & with Geech behind the

hook, I knew we had a hit on our hands.

The lyricism within "Make It Right (Ft. Naz T Musiq)" is incredibly pure, and shines a light on both of your songwriting skills. Could you tell us about your songwriting process, did you work off each other or create your verses individually?

NATALIE NICHOLE: We actually wrote our verses separately. The first day we were in

the studio we laid down the hook with the songwriter Geech Dollaz wrote. While we

were there, I noticed on Geechi’s phone she had “Queen & Slim” wallpaper so that

immediately inspired my verse & my approach mentioning being “Queen & Slim on the

run” also slightly reminiscent of Beyonce & Jay Z ’03 Bonnie & Clyde. We had a two-day

a session for this record so, the second day at The Garden Recording in Dallas, TX I laid

my verse before Naz T showed up. I stuck around while Naz laid down his verse just to

help arrange etc. All in all, with “Make It Right” it was such a smooth R&B Soul vibe I

wanted to stick to that feeling & add millennial rawness to it.

NAZ T MUSIQ: When Natalie & I work, we feed off of each other in regards to subject

matter correlation in our verses & certain singing choices. Our overall vibe is we just

press go, get behind that mic & are free to do what we are born to do!

Your collaboration has created irresistible R&B, and clearly work well together creatively. Have you ever thought about creating an album or EP together?

NATALIE NICHOLE: Yes, we are working on that as we speak. I won’t go too much into

detail but again, YES! There definitely is an RnB Collaboration EP with myself Natalie

Nichole & Naz T Musiq & I guarantee it’ll be a classic.

NAZ T MUSIQ: Me & Nat, we’re like salt & pepper, peanut butter & jelly, you name it;

musically we just “make sense” and we intend to give the people what they want.

What has been keeping you inspired?

NATALIE NICHOLE: I think what keeps me inspired is knowing that I’m leaving some

sort of legacy & building something bigger than myself. Being able to mentor amazing

artists like Naz T Musiq is also a huge highlight in my life. Doing what I do is like paying

what I’ve learned forward/sharing my blessings. Overall, there are many things that

keep me inspired but the thing that keeps me most inspired is the fact that God gave

me a vision/promise & I’m allowed to put those visions into play daily to execute &

eventually, fulfill the ultimate promise.