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Natalie Nichole Returns With Her Intriguing and Inviting Single, "Eleven Thirty"

The Dallas Singer/Songwriter, actress, and all-around Entertainer Natalie Nichole returns to BuzzMusic with her late-night jam, "Eleven Thirty."

Adversity never stopped the freight train that is Natalie Nichole; not even an eleven-month homelessness period could come in the way of Nichole and her dreams. Through countless studio sessions with notable artists/producers, Natalie Nichole has shown the industry that she's a force to be reckoned with.

Her latest sultry single "Eleven Thirty" gives listeners a sweet glimpse of Nichole's diverse talent. As she sings her heart away towards someone who genuinely intrigues her, we can't help but groove away with the song's irresistible R&B vibe and Natalie Nichole's inviting and playful lyricism.

"Eleven Thirty" opens with atmospheric ambiance through the R&B inspired keys and textured ghost vocals. As Natalie Nichole begins to grace us with her captivating vocals, she begins to tell a passionate story while expressing her deepest desires. She portrays this similar vibe to Summer Walker, exuding heightened passion and emotion all over this sultry tune. The underlying production blesses the listener with down-tempo drum patterns, a deep kick, and melodic R&B keys. Natalie Nichole's vocals grow to be incredibly powerful and pull us deeper into the transcendent atmosphere.

"Eleven Thirty" ignites infinite passion after experiencing Natalie Nichole's gripping vocal abilities and the song's overall vibe. Yet again, she continues to wow and impress us with each powerful release.

Hello Natalie, it's great to chat with you again, especially regarding your passionate single, "Eleven Thirty." What sort of vibe did you want to portray with the creation of this single? Thanks for having me BuzzMusic, I appreciate the love y'all give to Independent Artists like myself. This song in particular was meant to be portrayed as sensual & timeless. I'm definitely paying homage to Genuine & Avant classics in this record as well so for me personally, it's a song created for an intimate moment. So far everyone who's gotten an exclusive listens to it said they're making love to it, it's a vibe & they have it on repeat. When did you begin creating "Eleven Thirty?" Could you tell us how your creative process began, and what inspired the single?

I wrote this song last year. Every song I release is promoted & has a proper rollout so it takes time to make sure all marketing is in line & because I run my own Indie Label "Indience Music Group". I'm heavily involved in every process of creating the music, releasing & marketing strategies, etc. The creative process for this song in particular was truly just stemming from being in the mood. My process varies from song to song depending on what topic is being written about. I can get inspired by anything but this song is inspired by making love. Waiting for your lover to come home so you both can have a "Moment" together. It's sexy & sets the mood.

Did you team up with any producers to help create the sonics for "Eleven Thirty?" What was the production process like?

I have a dope producer I met in Dallas, Texas named Louie G, I call him King Louie or just Louie. "The Garden Recording" is his studio & I loved his quality so since I met him December 2019 I've kept coming back. I loved Louie's willingness to be mentored & not be afraid to take notes on how I arrange my records, how I want them to be produced, mixed & mastered. Everything I release has to have the "Natalie Nichole" touch to it otherwise, I don't feel like it's genuinely me & he understands that. I actually wrote "Eleven Thirty" to a faster beat but I didn't like the key it was in or that it was so fast so I hit up Louie & was like "Yo, I have this song called "Eleven Thirty", I want to slow it down & change the key." With that said, we sat in the studio, I sang the key I wanted it to be in & he began to play the piano. When he'd play something I liked my reaction would be "Yassss Gawd" or "Yassss" & from that he knew we were producing in the right direction. It's always a fun process sharing my ideas, collaborating, co-producing & creating with Louie he's an extremely gifted engineer, musician & creator that I have to utmost respect for. 

We've noticed that you collaborate with many notable artists and producers. Do you take something new and valuable away from each different session? Could you give us an example of something you learned during these sessions?

I feel there's always something new to learn in any session even if I'm the Vet at the session. When you've been in rooms/studios with people like Nick Cannon, Ron Aniello who have worked with greats like Mariah Carey & Shania Twain, etc. you definitely take notes. The things that I've taken from sessions with "Majors" are things that I feel have enhanced me personally & usually end up enhancing anyone else that I end up working within any type of sessions I've conducted or been a part of to date. There's a thing called an "industry standard" & I definitely always bring that to the table. If it's a certain way to arrange a song or make a feeling happen through panning or instrumentation I take note of all of those things especially when it comes to mixing & mastering records. I love arranging music so that's one of the things I've always paid attention to. I also feel you don't have to be in a studio to notice a lot about a record & take note. Every record ever made is a lesson to learn from in itself.

What was your biggest inspiration during the creation process of "Eleven Thirty?"

I think I kind of answered this question earlier in our conversation. The biggest inspiration during the creation process of "Eleven Thirty" was thinking about making love. So to be direct, LOVE is the answer. Also, if you want me to get a little more in-depth with it, I've always felt that writing songs & creating music is a sensual act for me. Being able to write my feelings melodically has always done something for me inside, even just making that statement alone sounds sexy to me. The connection of feelings & music gives me an extremely high. I don't do drugs but if anyone asked me what my addiction was? I'd definitely say MUSIC IS MY DRUG; I can't get enough.


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