Natalie Nichole's Packs her Latest Hip-Hop and R&B Cut, "The Come Up," with Thumping Vibes

Natalie Nichole, the Cali-based chanteuse, draws creative inspiration from her personal life experiences. She brings that influence from her foundations back in Texas when her intuitions pulled her into the entertainment industry with all its dancing groups, talent shows, TV shows, and commercials, and the time she spent being homeless while living in California. But regardless of how exposing and vulnerable, it may feel, Nichole always digs deep internally and resurfaces with something genuine and captivating with each new coming month.

In her latest offering, "The Come Up," the mystifying R&B songstress evokes her sustaining falsettos through the use of her profound soul-like textures: a saturated tone, the fervent delivery of each line with a whiff of militarism, and a scintillating vibe dripping off each featured guest's verse.

The low end hits deep like those moments when you roll down your windows and crank the stereo to the max. And even while the totality of our attention is won by the Hip-Hop and R&B blending beat production, Natalie Nichole's magnetic voice pulls us in for the real juicy parts. She plays around in her unrestricted vocal register like she's playing guitar over her vocal cords, especially in how it sounds effortless and earthy. The deep stanzas featured throughout "The Come Up," from the myriad of humbled lyricists are on full display here. Their proficiency in rhythm, pause, and the intention behind each edged outline that leaves us fascinated by the spectacle. It feels like we're witnessing the beginnings of a musical supergroup in this way. In what feels like the preview taster of what's to come from this smooth gliding songstress's collaborative mind, "The Come Up" stands as an exciting push forward in her pursuing ethos of always being authentic in her storytelling ability and testimony. And through the support of the featured artists on this Hip-Hop jutting, single helps establish her footing over the musical campaigns ahead.

What's been the most arduous or influential cornerstone in your artistic career, reaching up to "The Come Up?"

I feel the most arduous cornerstone I've been faced with in my career is having to schedule in other people into my goals, business plans & pursuits. Not everyone works in the same capacity as me so having patience is definitely a necessity.

What can you say is the most predominant lesson you've learned in your collaboration with the numerous talents featured on this track?

I feel this question brings us back to the first one. Not many people have the same work ethic as me & or the capacity to produce & work at a high level constantly. To me it's innate to work like a machine; quickly & sufficiently but everyone processes things differently. I work like it's my first day of work every day & I have to impress the boss & the boss just happens to be GOD & myself.

Are you planning on releasing an Extended Play or Full-Length Album, or are you focusing your energy on singles right now?

Right now my energy is focused on releasing all the singles I have on standby. I have several EP's due to come out as we go & most definitely one of the goals is to put out another album but we also have to look at the fact that in the industry right now everything is "singles" driven, reason being is you get more of a return, buzz & attention to release singles consistently rather than putting out a body of work & some of the songs not getting individual attention/marketing.

What sorts of new things are you most excited about accomplishing this year to set yourself up for success in your artistic career?

I'm excited to keep extending my brands. I'm an entrepreneur so I have a podcast (The iNspire Show), a label I run (Indience Music Group), an online magazine (M.O.B Magazine), merch store (, Playlisting for independents (@MobMagazine_) along with being an entertainer, singer, songwriter, musical arranger, actress, dancer, vlogger, etc. all that on the plate there's so much that can happen that's positive so accomplishing all that & keeping it all running/expanding is a success in my eyes.

What are you doing to stay creative and inspired through these tough times? Thank you for talking to us Natalie!

To me, it's never been hard to stay inspired & creative under any circumstances. If anything tough times makes me even more creative & inspired than I already naturally am. I just listed a portion of what I have on my plate in the question prior to this one so with all that's it's hard to get bored or complacent, there's always something else to be done.