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Nate Mosley Takes Us to the "WESTSIDE"

Known as the show-stopping, punk rocker, who adds in a flair Hip-hop, Nate Mosley displays how his wide range of influences helped to shape his unique style.

From his mellow and catchy hooks in 'Summer '16' to the emotionally moving ballad of, 'Hungover' he paints a vivid picture of the Tampa nightlife and the not-so-glamorous morning after scenes.

Dazzling us with the emotive exploration of his life’s experience, “WESTSIDE” takes us into a well-crafted narrative that delves into themes of self-sabotage and trying to change who you are to impress others. The grunge-like essence of the guitar riffs charges through your speakers in a way that embellishes the vivacious dimensions of early 2000s pop-punk.

Honing in on the nostalgic offering in a way that propels his eclectic rendition of his favorite genres, Nate Mosley gives us a full sonic voyage that allows us to dip into self-reflection, and the coming to when you realize that you’re forcing something that isn’t meant to be. “WESTSIDE” carries a copiously impactful sense of where one flourishes after experiencing such events. Performing with passion and from a place of authenticity, Nate Mosley manages to have listeners learning every word as he belts out words like ‘Why do I pick fights with strangers on WESTSIDE?.’

There’s something so real that surfaces from the way that he presents his confidence. Giving an audience like us something to relate to, there’s no stopping the impression that Nate Mosley is going to make throughout his artistic journey.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Nate, and congratulations on the release of your newly released song “WESTSIDE.” You have such an entrancing way that you approach your storytelling, and we’re huge fans of it! What inspired the song’s creation?

Thank you! As a songwriter, one of my main priorities is to give the listener an image or a vision of the song. Many of my music idols share this ability to create incredible imagery through storytelling. WESTSIDE was inspired during Quarantine 2020. With all that was happening in the world, I was completely down in the dumps and being locked inside, I felt as if I was reaching my breaking point. I am a social person, who loves to party and I don’t always take the best care of myself. During quarantine, I started using meditation and journaling to try to better understand myself and my not-so-glamorous habits. When writing WESTSIDE I was in a highrise hotel room in Orlando Florida getting absolutely wasted. Before leaving to go to the club, I reached for my guitar and this song about balancing my vices poured out of me. The first lyrics of WESTSIDE croon “Why do I run from all the things I love?” and at that moment I realized that I am the only thing standing in the way of everything I’ve wanted.

When you tackle the creative process of a song, do you typically have lyrics first or the musical foundation?

In my personal experiences, I’ve had no rhyme or reason for the songs I create. Sometimes, a melody will pop into my head and I will drop what I’m doing, and record it in my Voice Memos App. Down the line when I create a poem or a mantra I will return to the melody recording and start placing words where I see them fit. In other instances, instrumentation comes first. I have played guitar for more than half of the time I have been alive, so many songs I’ve written are guitar-oriented. When I need a moment of therapy or just to pass the time I may end up playing a tune or chord progression I really like. There are times when I stumble across a new chord or pattern and instantly begin creating.

How has your headspace adapted since the release of this song? Do you still feel like you’re connected to the moments that you sing about?

Since the release of the song and music video, I feel accomplished. I am now fully confident and comfortable in displaying the art that I create. Since this release, I have acquired more connections and opportunities and look forward with excitement for my future projects to come. I will always feel connected to the lyrics of the songs I write. No matter where I go in life, my music will always be an existing part of me and what I felt at the time. WESTSIDE is a special case considering I was singing about my own personal vices. I hold it close to my heart because it made me become comfortable with being a more vulnerable songwriter.

What do you hope that your listeners can take away from a song like “WESTSIDE?"

I want to remind listeners that Rock Music was invented to be sexy, rebellious, and fun! I want to show young music listeners that Rock can be dope! I will continue to make music that makes your body move in the best ways. I also would like to prove to older music listeners that we young dudes have the spirit and the means of carrying on Rock and Roll’s legacy. We will do it our way, yet indefinitely pay homage to those who paved the way for us.

WESTSIDE is the beginning of my new plan to create Dope, Sexy Rock Music.

What's next for you?

WESTSIDE is the first single off of my upcoming EP. This story is a tale as old as time, inspired by epic highs and disastrous lows. I have learned that life is about balance; the love with the lust, the pretty with the ugly, the good with the evil. Writing this Alternative Rock EP has helped me channel these moments and better juggle the daily life of an aspiring rockstar. My greatest hope is that listeners find guidance and inspiration during their time of need.

My next masterpiece is titled COLORADO and is a Jam Ballad written about lost love, heartbreak, and finding peace of mind through hobbies one enjoys. For me, that is travel. I am thrilled to be traveling to beautiful Aspen, Colorado in the fall to shoot the music video.


Jul 09, 2021

This kid is going places!! He keeps getting better and better 🔥 can’t wait to see what’s next


Jul 09, 2021

Love Nate’s songs, especially Westside and Colorado! He’s an awesome singer, songwriter and guitarist with the brightest future! 👏💫


Jul 08, 2021

Nate is an awesome talent and a great guy. ‘Westside‘ is just one of many amazing songs he’s created, so if you haven’t heard them yet, check them out! Really looking forward to seeing the ‘Colorado’ video!


Jul 08, 2021

Dude has an amazing voice with unlimited talent and ability! Cant wait to see this guys future!


Jul 08, 2021

Honestly such a banger of a tune! Great guy, awesome flow, dudes going places for sure! 🔥

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