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NateThePrnce Sets The Tone For His Record “Lights Off”

NateThePrnce is an Canadian artist from Brampton Ontario who dived into the music scene 2 years ago and has mentally selected this year to be the year where he makes his dream a reality. Music has always been a part of him and he’s been musically inclined due to coming from a family with a musical background. The 22 year old began young creating videos for his channel on youtube, and rapping to some of his personal favorite beats and sharing it with friends. Fast forward to 2019 the talented artist who represents his city proudly loves to create music that the audience can vibe to. His style bounces between HipHop/Rap to R&B/Soul.

NateThePrnce released the sensual single titled “Lights Off” and it was nothing more than a flawless vibe! The aesthetic to “Lights Off” gave off subdued lighting, romantic elements including candles, roses, and the companionship between two loved ones! When you close your eyes and just listen to “Lights Off’ your mind is bound to paint images and create the story in your head. The lyrics were witty, catchy, and stylistic. The hook was repeatable, addictive, and had a way of sticking to our memories like Superglue. It began with a seductive and hazy production setting the tone of the song and having its listener prepared for what’s to come. NateThePrnce has a special vocal quality to him that makes his music pop. It weaves the lines between classic and modern RnB while remaining true to the persona of NateThePrnce. NateThePrnce intricate melodies and irresistible flare to his sound is what makes this record a captivating hit. NateThePrnce is a true gem from Ontario who has the right mix of ‘star’ and authenticity to become a groundbreaking hitmaker!

Listen to "Lights Off" here and get to know more about NateThePrnce below!

Hello and welcome to BuzzMusic. Can you tell our readers about yourself?

Hello and thank you for this opportunity, for those who don’t know me I go by NateThePrnce from Brampton, ON, Canada.  I’ve been making music from a younger age back when I would post rap videos to some of my favourite songs and posting them on my YouTube channel.  I started taking it seriously a couple years ago this being my third year.  When I create I like to make music the listener can vibe to, that’s something I feel I’m really good at.

How has your upbringing impacted your style of music today? In what ways were you affected by your environment?

Growing up I would listen to Flow 93.5 a radio station based in Toronto and they would play and still play a lot of HipHop/Rap music as well as R&B, so from young it’s all I would really listen to and it grew on me.  Even watching BET’s 106&Park, every Friday they would have “Freestyle Friday” and I always looked forward to see what these different rappers had to offer and thought it was cool.  You could say that’s what initiated me getting into music and then the people around me from family and friends would also listen to the same stuff.

Tell us about the theme behind “Lights Off” and what motivated you to create this record?

Ok, so “Lights Off” is an R&B type of song and what started it was I was sent a beat pack by the producer Martin Sole also from Brampton, I heard the build up of the beginning and immediately knew what type of song I was going to create, when I heard the first beat drop I said to myself this song is going to be a banger and started writing immediately.  I wanted to bring that sexy type of vibe and feel I did a good job doing so.  The song was recorded last year and I didn’t want to rush to release it until this year.

If you could feature and collaborate with any charting artist right now of your choice on this single who would you select and why?

If I could collaborate with any charting artist right now on this single  it would hands down have to be Tory Lanez, not just because he’s my favourite artist but because he’s really good at what he does, the passion and drive he has when making music, I know he wouldn’t disappoint if he hopped on this record with me.

What are some challenges you’ve faced in creating “Lights Off”?

I can honestly say I didn’t really have any challenges creating the song, the only thing is how long it took me to actually go and record the song after I finished writing it, but once I got into the studio and got it done I knew I created a new vibe. 

What’s next for you?

What’s next is getting back into doing performances and getting music videos done so that more people can know about my music.  It’s been a while since I’ve done them as I’ve been working on my sound trying to find out what works for me and what doesn’t, but now that I feel I’ve found what works for me I’m ready to get back into it as soon as possible.


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