Nathan Ballard Serenades Broken Hearts With a Vulnerable Single, "Nickel Short of a Dime"

The Los-Angeles-based pop artist and singer-songwriter Nathan Ballard releases a love letter to himself with the inspirational single and music video, "Nickel Short of a Dime."

Always merging film and music elements, Nathan Ballard would often incorporate these elements into his high school classes whenever he could. Creating projects through song and lyric videos helped Ballard become used to expressing his emotions and growing comfortable with vulnerability.

Recently releasing his empowering single and accompanying music video, "Nickel Short of a Dime," Nathan Ballard mentioned that the song pays tribute to those who feel as though they're always coming up short while reminding them of their worth. With help from modern electro-pop sonics and production, the single takes listeners on a soaring journey through self-love.

Diving into "Nickel Short of a Dime," the track opens with an uplifting sonic atmosphere through gleaming electro-pop production and various synth melodies accompanied by a punchy bassline. Once Nathan Ballard begins powerfully singing of losing out on love and finding his independence once over, we being moving into the lush chorus.

Offering more of a relaxed approach on the hook, Nathan Ballard sings with incredible poise while touching on rather emotional themes to linger in listeners' minds. While the sonics continue their upbeat and shimmering stylings throughout the song's entirety, Nathan Ballard takes the track to the outro with vast confidence and power.

Find Nathan Ballard's relatable single, "Nickel Short of a Dime," on all digital streaming platforms, and continue the experience through the song's accompanying music video.

We truly admire the genuine emotion and relatable themes you've touched on within your recent single, "Nickel Short of a Dime." Was there a particular moment that inspired you to take on this love letter to yourself?

There was, I wrote this song originally way back in 2017 because I had a relationship that was ended that really affected me. I felt like I lost my purpose and I was left not knowing who I was. Simply put, I was heartbroken and lost. Flash forward a few years later, there was another relationship that ended as well and that was the one really made me realize there was some growing up I had to do. It’s interesting learning as you get older that you could be the reason why relationships aren’t working out because it never feels like it's you at the moment. There was growth that I still needed, insecurities from my past still showing up in the present, and that was the relationship that hit home with that realization. But there's nothing wrong with that, we're all in this journey of life “trying” and as long as I try to do good, have my intentions come from a pure heart and place, treat others how I want to be treated, I can trust this journey of life and know that it has my back too.

How did you write your lyricism for "Nickel Short of a Dime" so that various audiences and listeners could take something away?

I always have a problem feeling like I am never enough. When I was in high school I was anorexic and suffered from bulimia as well because I never felt like I had the body or image that was perfect. Flash forward when I got out of that it then flipped to not being in shape enough, then to my music not sounding good enough, then to my friends not being cool, relatable, or funny enough. Then to girls that me as a whole just simply isn’t enough. This song was about writing that to let it go and know that me, just as is enough and we are all capable and worthy of love if we can be vulnerable and trusting of that. I thought the title Nickel Short Of A Dime captured that perfectly.

Did you create the uplifting electro-pop production for "Nickel Short of a Dime"? Do you often release music similar to the energetic electronic feel of "Nickel Short of a Dime"?

Yes, and I also worked alongside EJ Jones who is an engineer who I respect and trust so much. He pushes me further the I can push myself and I am extremely grateful to have met such a kind, genuine person who cares so deeply about the craft.I try to create a different feel to each song I write, at some point I think it will be really fun to do a super-fast punk rock song but then also switch gears to a super slow pretty piano acoustic guitar song:)

How did you take the emotions from the single "Nickel Short of a Dime" and transmute them into visuals for the song's music video?

I worked with a graphic artist and sketched out some rough ideas of what I wanted and he brought them to life and we went back and forth on where to place the visuals to have it tie into the lyric video :)

What is the main message you strive to deliver as an artist?

Be yourself, you’re enough, you have a purpose, you can do anything your heart desires, you are loved, and you are deserving of this beautiful gift called life. <3