Natosh Renee Will Stun You With Angelic Vocals In “Forever”

Hailing from Toronto, CA, is R&B artist Natosh Renee. Finding her true love and calling for music, Natosh began singing and writing from an early age, having lots of time and experience to transform the ultimate sound of her music. Natosh is known for painting pictures of her innermost personal experiences with her music. As the best artists do, Natosh shares such a private aspect of her life to her listeners, establishing a sense of trust and security. We appreciate the raw honesty on Natosh’s end, and we can only hope to experience more of her soundings in the upcoming future! For now, we introduce her latest single: “Forever”.

There’s such a natural essence and flow to the sound of Natosh in “Forever”. She effortlessly sounds angelic and captures the very expression of authenticity. Her voice will easily glide across your senses. She fills the atmosphere with inspiration and tranquility. The only accurate way we can describe the sound of Natosh Renee is therapeutic. She’s able to successfully draw listeners in with her vocal delivery, but then she keeps such attention with the healing elements of her sound. We can’t imagine a moment where we weren’t entranced during “Forever”. The lighter R&B aspects incorporated into “Forever” is what sets the overall tone of the track—Natosh integrates subtle and predominantly laid-back elements of modern R&B, which makes for a beautiful production.

“Forever”, being produced by Pdub Cookin, is airy and relaxing in every way needed. At the end of the day, we can definitively say that we’re appreciative Natosh found her calling for music, as we don’t know what we would’ve done if we haven’t ever heard a voice like hers. 

Experience Natosh’s “Forever” here and get to know more from the artist through her interview below!

Welcome to the BuzzMusic platform Natosh! Great to be featuring “Forever” here to our R&B listeners! Can you describe the elements you’re expressing in your music, that you believe differs from other R&B artists?

Thank you for having me. As a singer and songwriter what I focus on in my creative process is always to share my truth and to know it’s ok to be more vulnerable in my music than I’ve been in my life. It’s become somewhat of a therapeutic outlet for me, a two-way conversation between my heart and soul every time I sing. In music, I’d like to change the narrative from what makes me different to more what can I say and do through my music to unify all artists to achieve the collective goal of healing and bringing happiness to our fans. 

Can you tell our readers more about the story behind “Forever” and how you came to put pen-to-paper for this particular track? 

Well, Forever is a personal expression of my feelings towards my then-boyfriend who is now my current fiancé who proposed to me on News Years in Vegas earlier this year. When we met it was just an easy cool comfortable vibe that attracted me to him. I had dated my fair share of F-boys, so in the back of my mind, I was really wondering could this be forever or is he going to do me dirty? I talk about the ups and downs in our relationship because we had those after the honeymoon phase faded off. But through it all, I realized I loved him and will always forever. 

What do you feel is the most pivotal aspect to maintain throughout your artistic career? 

Without a doubt, for me, it’s three things: Put God first and as the foundation of your career, Always keep pushing no matter what occurs keep your eye on the end goal and to operate from a heart full of gratitude and appreciation for literally every experience. I feel with all of these things in mind weapons may form but they will never prosper. I like to keep my goals simple the money, the fame and the glitz is just extra but it’s not what will fulfill me in the end. 

How do your performances feel? Do you feel that inert connection with your audience while you’re performing? Does it come naturally to you?!

The performance I just recently had after maybe like 7 years of never singing for a crowd felt super stomach butterflies at first. It was for So Far Sounds Toronto and once I sat down I just felt at home. I love people and I focus on the good energy, smiling faces and people I can see are enjoying my performance.  What you focus on expands and when it’s good energy it’s contagious and your performance gets more authentic and less in your head if that makes sense. 

Thanks for featuring “Forever” on BuzzMusic, and allowing our readers to really feel that angelic and tranquil atmosphere your recent track brings about. Any parting words for the BuzzMusic community?

I’d like to thank you for taking the time to feature me on this dope platform that really pushes creatives and gives us all a way to achieve our dreams. I’d love to share my Instagram page which is @NatoshRenee and my YouTube @NatoshRenee on there too. You can find my single and more music to come on all streaming platforms soon to come to iTunes.