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Navan Releases The Powerful Hit “Only Regret”

All the way from Illinois, Navan is an artist, producer, mixing, and mastering engineer who moved to the south side of Chicago at only 6 months old when his parents split up. He spent his elementary years living on both the south, and the west side of inner-city Chicago. Navan self-taught himself the ins and outs of producing, engineering, and crafting music. After high school, he went to community college for a semester before dropping out to pursue music. After losing his full time job, he was living in his car and drove all the way to California by himself. With a compelling background story, Navan is a dream chaser who is ready to share his talent with the world.

Navan released an inspirational record titled “Only Regret” with a soaring classic rnb appeal. I loved the melody of the hook. Despite him rapping in the verses, he gave us a nice tune in the hook that has us singing along. The innocence presented in the record is what’s fascinating, considering the fact that the lyrics are more upsetting, depressing, and melancholic. Even the tone of Navan’s voice is more dwell some than delightful, yet- he was able to convey a sense of positivity. This was extremely indulging for me,and all-around powerful. This showed me a side of Navan’s artistry that mostly other artists keep hidden. His unique versatility was what highlighted the entire song for me. With substantial lyrics, and a passionate emotion, Navan is the perfect artist to listen to when you’re needing a good mental vent. “Only Regret” is a multi-faceted, inversive song that doesn’t comply by the standards of a sad hit.

Listen to "Only Regret" here and get to know more about Navan below!

Hello Navan, welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you tell our readers about you and your music?

I am a producer/engineer/rapper from Chicago, IL living in my car In various areas around Los Angeles. My music is diverse, as I’ve been in multiple environments both in IL and CA. 

“Only Regret” is a powerful song. Can you tell us the meaning behind the song? How has this song changed your career?

Only regret was actually the first song I ever put out in 2016 on Facebook... I later took it down and remixed and mastered, i also started a new SoundCloud and YouTube when I got to California.

How challenging was it for you to write this?

I wrote the song in about 30 minutes and made a few corrections while recording. 

Is there any specific arrangement you were aiming for when making “Only Regret” ?

Although I produce most of my own material, when I first got started I was mainly using others instrumentals... so the arrangement was set already from the producer that made it; a home studio owner in Waukegan IL... that is also where it was recorded. As far as lyrically, the last verse definitely needed to end the story. I was thinking about it as I wrote it.

What’s next for you Navan?

Going viral with some of my music is what I’m striving for.


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