Nazar Aims to Educate & Inspire Listeners with #DumpTrump Anthem

Greece-native Nazar has garnered an impressive perspective with the level of travel he's pursued over the years.

Considering himself to be one with various cultures, Nazar aims to inspire a vast array of individuals with his impressionable sound.

Channeling his inner understanding and experiences, Nazar uses his layered perspective in order to create music that inspires listeners, all while challenging their outlook on certain topics of life. 

Nazar has released his indie-driven single, "#DumpTrump". The narrative the track captures is exactly what you can expect it to be, and Nazar takes the opportunity to write an anthem on the current times.

Voicing his frustrations with an incredibly calm and leveled tone, Nazar is able to establish a listening environment that is both playful and comical. The persistent trendy melody fits perfectly in-tune with the trend of "#DumpTrump", and listeners will come to realize that Nazar has strategically crafted the style of this particular single.

Putting the absolute most wit and passion into the effort of the single, "#DumpTrump" is ultimately suffused with amusing collections of opinions that aim to stimulate listeners in one way or another.

It's safe to say that Nazar left us intrigued by his unique and expressive level of creativity, which only further stimulates our curiosity with future single releases by him. 

Discover Nazar's track "#DumpTrump" here.

Hello Nazar and welcome to BuzzMusic. "#DumpTrump" definitely appeared to have a clear vision in mind during its manifestation. Would you say that this particular single release from you was easier to approach than other singles in the past?

This was an unusually straightforward song to write and record. After watching both the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention, something Michelle Obama said in her speech really stuck with me: the idea that leaders matter and that the leader of the United States first and foremost needs to be somebody who is compassionate and who cares about the well-being of its people. It was so obvious that that description does not apply to Donald Trump. At that point, the words just came pouring out and I ended up writing this whole song, music, and lyrics, in about 15 minutes. I recorded it the same night I wrote it. It’s mostly straight-up acoustic guitar, bass, drums, and vocal, and most of it was recorded in one take. So the song has a pretty raw, lo-fi feel to it that I think is appropriate given the subject matter. I wanted it to have a bit of that unvarnished protest vibe to it that might make you think of old Bob Dylan or Creedence songs. 

Were there any reservations that you had whilst crafting your politically-driven single "#DumpTrump"? Do you see yourself releasing similar singles in the future?

Deciding to release this was a tough decision. I’ve never been a particularly vocal person when it comes to politics. I've always been a pretty centrist in my views and have never fully subscribed to one side or another. But Donald Trump changed all that for me. This is a man who on a daily basis tries to turn Americans against each other, ignored coronavirus and let it kill 200,000 Americans, disrespects US military veterans, weakens any attempt to combat climate change, and who doesn’t believe that US law applies to him or his family. He is a completely un-American President. So if you think about it this election isn’t really about choosing a Democrat or a Republican, it is about choosing America or choosing Trump. So I felt I had no choice but to speak up this time and reiterate what many of us know is the right choice here: to dump Trump. Assuming Trump loses, I don’t foresee releasing any more politically-driven songs after this one, but you never know! 

What kind of impression and/or effect were you hoping to establish with "#DumpTrump"? 

So many people don’t have the time or interest to read or to watch the news anymore. They want information delivered in short digestible packages, ideally in audio or video format. And with how fast the news cycle is these days it's hard to remember everything that’s happened over the last 4 years and put it all in context. So instead of writing a lengthy article about why Trump needs to go (which most people wouldn’t have the time to read), I thought doing it as a song and music video might be more effective. Hopefully, the song does a good job of reminding people just how much worse off we are now than when Trump became President: we have a health pandemic that has killed hundreds of thousands because of his negligence, millions have lost jobs, as a result, the economy is in tatters, Russia and other adversaries are laughing at us, and meanwhile Trump is busy sending tweets, playing golf, trying to enrich his family and friends, and trying to lie his way out of any trouble he gets in to. I hope people are reminded of all of that when they listen to the song and are also reminded of the fact that the only way we can change this situation is to vote him out. Protesting and tweeting about him is fine, but they don’t matter if you don’t vote. 

What're your plans for the rest of 2020 as a music artist? Are you continuing the craft of music or possibly hosting any virtual live events?

#DumpTrump wasn’t something I was planning on writing or releasing - it just happened as a kind of a one-off. I’m planning on releasing 1-2 more songs by the end of this year. They will likely have a very different vibe and feel. I tend to write music that is pretty diverse, from rock to EDM to hip hop and reggaeton, so hopefully, my next song will be something unexpected and a pleasant surprise for people! 

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

2020 has been a tough year, as we all know. But it has also had some silver linings. People have been able to spend more time with loved ones and family, less time on things like commuting to and from work, and in some ways, it has enabled us to all focus on what’s important and to be less distracted by “noise". Without many of the distractions we were all dealing within 2019, I’ve been inspired by how energized people now are about solving important issues in the world: issues like climate change, racial equality, and of course, Trump. Hopefully, that focus and energy persist going forward, and we don’t get caught back up in all of the silliness we got distracted by over the last few years. I’m optimistic about our future, and as long as we each try to do our part (for example by making sure you vote in this election!) I think we will all come out of 2020 stronger.