We Got A Sneak Peek Of Ned And The Dirt's Upcoming Sing “Toothache” And We're In Love!

Ned and the Dirt released their sensational and atmospheric single titled “Toothache”. The ear-piercing and riveting chords from the guitar and the strikingly electrifying vocalist fuses together to create a combination of jam-packed articulations and stringed instruments. For me personally, it could be difficult to interpret and dissect the lyrics behind music so bewitching due to the dazzling abduction into the entire realm of the music. However, although it could be difficult to decode the meaning behind the music, it’s intriguing and has the ability to engage with your senses. “Toothache” is one of those special songs that allows you to become mesmerized and 100% in tuned with the music! Ned and the Dirt is a 4 piece garage Rock/pop band. Their edginess and grit is what makes them a unique force to be reckoned with. Their band is actually quite diverse from many other artists and bands. With members diverging from different areas on the map which includes South Carolina, New Hampshire, California, and New Zealand. Ned and the Dirt is a diverse and well rounded solidified group of artists.

Listen to "Toothache" by "Ned and the Dirt" on February 15th on all streaming platforms and get to know them in our interview below! We talk about the bands career, new single & more!

Can you give us a brief history of your musical career and how you all met?

I started Ned and the Dirt in South Carolina six years ago and while The Dirt is a totally different cast than the one that began the journey, Ned and the Dirt has become an iteration of itself that is more representative of its name than ever before. I was introduced to Chris Clark (NATD Bass Player) through a mutual friend of ours from Chris' home state of New Hampshire, and now he has been with NATD for 3 years. Ethan Arlook (NATD