Need A Song For These Summer Nights? Haha Charade Has You Covered! Their Single “Summer Sunrise”

All four of Haha Charade grew up near a beach, and the Atlantic Ocean smells like home to them. Wondering the inspiration behind their name? Haha Charade gets their name from a Pink Floyd song where Rodger Waters completely trashes a political and religious activist that wanted to censor music. Some of their other musical influences include bands such as Arctic Monkeys, State Radio, Rebelution, RHCP, and many more. If you throw in a bit of eclecticism from every genre then they’ll give it a go. Basically, Haha Charade isn’t afraid to tackle on any style, genre or sound and is willing to experiment with all, and manufacture it into their own unique flare of music.

Haha Charade released their single titled “Summer Sunrise” and just like their background, this record is perfect for a nice cruise around a breezy beach in California. It’s just the alternative colorful vibes it gives off that makes this easily relaxing. The vocalist had a beautiful vocal tone that I can listen to over and over again. His vocals were so engrossing you wouldn’t mind hearing him sing with the lack of instrumental backup. The electric groove “Summer Sunrise” gives adds that nice textured funk to the record that makes you want to do a little dance! “Summer Sunrise” is just fitting for the upcoming season that’s approaching us. The summer nights, where you reflect on your future and let go of past failures. “Summer Sunrise” is a song where you can ease into, let go of your stress and become lost in the music. It’s time to fade away the settling stress you had and turn on a cooling hypnotizing song that will surely throw you into an experience of refreshing emotions and high-energetic fun! From the progressive instruments, to the versatile elements, to the delighted energy it produced, “Summer Sunrise” radiates a special kind of aura that you’ll be thankful for after listening!

Listen to "Summer Sunrise" here and get to know more about Haha Charade below!