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Need A Summer Bop? TWELVE E Has You Covered With “Phone Call”

TWELVE E – (12E) makes a hard left when it comes to what you may expect from four guys from the Bronx, NY. Defying musical rules, structure and today's current pop culture trends. Twelve E has already been branded as an against the grain musical force to be recognized. Wondering how the formation of this band took place? The four members Wicked Swami (lead vocalist, songwriter and producer), Ne illest (keyboardist/vocalist), Tribal Florist (lead guitarist), and Just Luis (drummer/percussionist) all became friends in a musical high school in the Bronx. Not only do they work as a collective, but they are all unsigned independent artists with their own unique sound and a high energy stage presence that is a must watch!

TWELVE E recently released the colorful new hit “Phone Call”. “Phone Call” begins with a recording of a phone line, to complement the style of this music. Nothing prepares you for the texturized vocals of Wicked Swami. His soft-like texture, soft delivery, and the melody of the record, all combines together to create the most chilling, smooth-sailing vocal articulation that just floats across the record and moves in an unforgettable direction. He pushes his listener into new dimensions with an unforgettable voice that reminds me a lot like the classic pop vocalists.

“Phone Call” has elements of contemporary R&B and pop, while mixing a strong emotionally convicted ballad into play. The lyricism helps curate the relatable lyrics for the listener to feel sentimentally connected too.

As musicians TWELVE E refuses to be boxed into one single form of creative musical expression. For them, that would be like being limited to only one emotion and in my opinion, they delivered the multi-faceted personality within “Phone Call”. A song you can vibe to and become invested in with the lyrics, Twelve-E is ready for the next step.

Listen to "Phone Call" here and get to know more about TWELVE E in our interview below!

Hello and welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you tell us a bit about Twelve E and how you came together? 

Hello Buzz Music and thank you for having us. TWELVE E is a musical band of four friends. Wicked Swami (Lead vocalist, songwriter and producer/engineer) Ne Illest ( Lead keyboardist, vocalist/lyricist) Tribal Florist (Lead  solo and rhythm guitarist) Just Luis ( Lead drummer and percussions producer) are all born and raised in The Bronx NY. We all met and became  friends in jazz band at Celia Cruz Bronx High School of Music where we studied musical theory. Our music style range from classical, hip hop, r&b, pop, soft rock, edm, and metal. If you name it, at least one of us are into it. Our backgrounds  are Filipino, Dominican, African American, and Peruvian which adds to the flavor that we have. Our debut album MIXD AF ( Mixed As Fuck ) dropped February of 2019. The album was written, produced, and recorded in Swami’s apartment, in true creative independent artist fashion. In fact the apartment is where we formed as a band and how we got our name.


How does your record “Phone Call” differentiate itself from your previous releases?

Phone Call is different from previous releases because it is reminiscent of a touching classic pop ballot. TWELVE E’s goal when making music is to push, break, and create the next new genre. All our music demonstrates the use of all our different influences of musical styles. mixing genres, emotions and beats will be TWELVE E’s signature in the music world. Being innovative and experimentally free with our music is what you can expect from us. 

In what ways were you able to relate to the lyrics of “Phone Call” ?

Phone Call is inspired and based on a real life event. With Wicked Swami you’ll sometimes get songs written almost immediately after the event while the feelings are still very fresh for him. It’s as if he’s trying to workout his emotions through his music. Every member of 12E can identify on some level with phone call. The song highlights that vulnerable moment that we as young men often go through be rarely show. This is what you are feeling when you hear that first guitar line filled with sadness. Phone Call has even been known to make a giant cry.

Tell us about the theme of “Phone Call” and what inspired you to write this?

The theme is pretty much living off of hope. The hope that maybe a relationship could be salvaged, and how you can actual be comfortable living with that until you are hit with a solid conformation thats its over forever. It’s about regretting putting your feelings out there one last time that’s ultimately met with rejection. It explains Swami’s transformation into a “ Monster ” Which is the following song after “ Phone Call ” on the album. 

What’s next for TWELVE E?

We are working on music for our next project and also performing throughout New York City. You will also see a lot of future projects and collaborations with multiple artist that is within our creative collective. Don’t be surprised if you see us on a festival stage in your City.


Connect with TWELVE E on social media:


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