Nenjah Nycist Teaches His Listeners to “Invest In Yourself” in New Single

Nenjah Nycist is a recording artist among many other talents based in Brooklyn and has been performing for over 10 years. Over the years, he has also been working hard as a producer and song engineer, helping over 100 artists create that perfect song for their audience. DOJO STUDIOS is the name of Nenjah Nycist’s home recording studio, where he makes his musical magic happen.

Invest In Yourself” shows off Nenjah Nycist’s skills not just as a hip hop recording artist, but as a song engineer and mix artist. If you’re feeling down on yourself or unmotivated, this is the perfect song to feed your esteem and pump yourself back up. The fast tempo and prominent beat keep the song intense and captivating all the way through, leaving you only wanting more. Nenjah Nycist is all about big statements, and he’s here to tell you that you have to be your own biggest fan in the most compelling and fun way. He raps “I can be down and still be up” sending the message that even through difficult times, there is always a way to come through the other side. “Invest In Yourself” is just the beginning for Nenjah Nycist, so keep your eyes out for more hit songs in 2020.

Listen to “Invest In Yourself” by Nenjah Nycist here.

Hi Nenjah Nycist, and welcome to BuzzMusic! Thank you for sharing “Invest In Yourself” with us today. This song projects such a positive message for your listeners, as self-acceptance is quite a long road for many. What other themes are present in your music? Hey, thanks for having me! Yes! I’m glad you could see the message. It’s hip hop with wordplay and with themes that aren’t typically prevalent or heard of in today’s hip hop. One of the biggest themes found in my music is entrepreneurship and ownership because financial freedom is the closest thing to pure freedom in America. “Being yourself” is also a main one! That’s the Nenjah way. It is quite impressive how involved you are in the production of your own music. This must give you a lot of creative freedom, and how does that affect the music you make? Do you enjoy experimenting with different musical styles? Aye! Thank you! Yes, creative freedom is everything to me! No ceilings, no limitations. I tell that to my studio clients and the little nenjahz getting into music as well - just create! Unfollow the popular musicians on Instagram, hone in, compete against yourself, and push YOUR limits - all the while have fun doing it. I’m constantly developing my sound. A sound where it’s easily identifiable to those who listen. So experimenting with different musical styles (to me) means collaborating with other artists/musicians.   Do you enjoy collaborating with other artists when it comes to your own music? How do you keep your creative juices flowing? Yes! All the time! In order to get those creative juices flowing, I make sure I keep the ‘Nenjah Inspo’ meter overflowing. There’s wild amounts of an abundance of everything in this world and I make sure to stay inspired. A few things that get my creativity jumping - I moved back to the city that inspires me the most (NYC!). I smoke sativas, travel, talk to fans from around the world, learn, watch good documentaries, study the greats, read, work out, fall in love, chat with family, write dope sh*t, and compete. I love a good view and a nice check too! Big creative inspiration right there. How did you decide you wanted to be a bigger part of music creation than just performing? Did you learn about production and song mixing on your own, or gain experience alongside a colleague? Being conscious of the fact that my music career may not “happen” overnight was the first step. The second was determining my own idea of “success.” I knew when I first began doing shows in 2008 that slow and steady will win the race. I think our society focuses on instant gratification as opposed to what reality is for many - compounding. Working (...or not working) on something every day will yield incredible results at the end of the day. I wrote and rapped all the time which turned into performing which turned into making beats; that turned into learning how to mix and master which turned into a plethora of just fire Nenjah creativity. I also saw how many artists were getting screwed in record deals because they lacked knowledge so I promised myself to learn to own my sh*t. I always learn from people I’m around but for the most part, learning to create ‘alternative routes when roads were blocked’ was key to my growth. Youtube University teaches me a lot too. All in all, staying consistent and disciplined in my crafts played a big part as well. I sacrificed a lot but I regret nada and that's live from BIG NENJAH aka SINSAY aka lofi lebron.