Neon BLK Doesn't Disappoint With Latest Mellow Track "Percs & Pills"

Hailing from Houston, TX, alternative R&B singer Neon BLK is bringing so much to the table with his artistry. Neon BLK gives an essential part of himself to his music. Neon BLK brings an authentic styling with the type of message he integrates within his tracks, along with the utmost sentiment each track expels. Being introduced to the music world at an early age, Neon BLK was exposed to a variety of instruments, attributing to his extensive musician background. Neon BLK takes all that he has learned, and clearly blossomed his musical stylings from it. We're proud to be featuring his latest music here on BuzzMusic, as we know it'll be a real treat for our R&B BuzzMusic listeners!

The introducing melody will immediately keep you entranced in "Percs & Pills". Neon BLK gives us R&B elements from a variety of our favorite artists, which obviously is what made us fall in love with his sound right away. Neon BLK is capturing the very essence of contemporary R&B, and we feel his authentic artistry pour off of "Percs & Pills". Neon BLK pours astounding emotion into his tracks, and you can ALWAYS feel it. "Percs & Pills" is no different--we feel the subtle passion and vigor incorporated into this mellow track. "Percs & Pills" is a completely chilling track (I mean, the name would have given that away), but we feel mindless as we listen to the track. We feel like we can actually escape our own scenarios, and are uplifted by the harmonious sound of Neon BLK. His voice makes us want to melt in the chairs we're currently sitting in. With a profound notion in terms of all of his tracks, "Percs & Pills" made an impact for us, and we're eagerly anticipating what Neon BLK will come out with next (God knows we'll be listening immediately).

Experience the tranquility of Neon BLK's voice in "Percs & Pills" here, and don't forget to check out his interview below!

Welcome Neon BLK! Let's jump right into your latest release "Percs & Pills"! Are you able to describe the integral message behind this particular track?

Percs & Pills is a metaphorical song about becoming instantly infatuated with a crush after locking eyes with each other.  Its almost like love at first sight, comparing it to taking drugs and hallucinating on that feeling. Also comparing my crush as if they were a God.  The song is produced by MNDBD, and it is the 2nd single off my debut mixtape slated to be released this late fall. 

"Percs & Pills" is flowy, it's tranquil, and ultimately what we love: harmonious. Your voice glides across our ears incredibly easily! Was it difficult to obtain these certain elements to the track, or did you have a pretty good go at manifesting this styling?

No, it wasn't difficult at all actually.  I've been writing for over 10 years now, so I've gotten very adept at being able to write lyrics, compose, and come up with a concept very quickly.  The producer of the song, MNDBD, let me the instrumental after reaching out to him on Soundcloud.  As you said, it is very tranquil and I instantly fell in love with the sound.  At the time, I was deeply infatuated and had to get those emotions out, and that's when I developed the concept of Percs & Pills. I wrote described my crush as a God basically.

How do you believe your extensive experience within the music world has aided in your development as an artist and musician?

I've been a musician since I was 12 in the 6th grade.  I played the trombone in the jazz band all throughout middle and high school, so I was exposed to competitions, gigs, and various other events. I also started writing my own songs at 15 years old. It wasn't until college when I started to learn how to sing at 19.  I became a voice major my freshman at Texas Southern University where I was primarily trained in classical and operatic styles of singing and even competed in regional competitions where I was a finalist at one point. Being a voice major has taken me places internationally as well as Beijing, China, so I've experienced a lot of musically which I do think has aided me in my development as an artist.

Let's talk about your upcoming release "Interpretations"! How did the writing and recording process go for this track? What's one element you're looking forward to upon its release?

My upcoming debut mixtape "INTERPRETATIONS" was a concept I developed when I decided to make my music happen.  The writing process started in January of 2017 when I was 23.  I started writing about my experiences since that year started and wanted to originally focus on channeling my pessimism and outlook towards what I saw as negativity in my life.  Back then I was a year out of a relationship but still dealing with an ex so I would write about those issues. After purchasing my own recording equipment with my refund money, because I was in school at the time, 

I started writing more songs and trying to record others. I had to pause it because I was trying to join a fraternity at the time, but after that, I went on and tried to finish.  My laptop I was using completely flatlined so I was halted once again. 

During winter break of 2017, I resumed again and decided I was going to finally get into someone's studio. All of 2018 I was recording various tracks and pushing forward, and then in changed the direction of the concept after developing new feelings for an unattainable crush. I started to focus more on that while still keeping some of the original songs written. Once a new line-up of music started to catch me I made sure to grab them and write and write.  I recorded the rest of the music this year and I'm putting the final touches for it to be released this November. Excited to finally release this almost 3-year-old project. I hope to really capture people's emotions when I come to do unrequited love and dealing with the end of a previous relationship, and I hope to really show what kind of artist and musician I truly am. Hopefully, people will catch the same vibe and dark chill imagery I'm putting out. 

Thanks for coming to BuzzMusic to talk about your recent music Neon BLK! Are there potential shows in the near future to promote your latest releases?

The pleasure is all mine! Thank you guys for giving me this opportunity to showcase and talk about my music! I do plan to finally branch out on the Indie Houston scene and perform at various open mic spots and art shows. Hopefully, earn a spot for a Winter Houston Showcase that's happening in December. Stay Tuned! 


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