Neon Ion's New Single "Neon Dreams" Is a Funky Pop Anthem You Need on Your Playlist

Natalie Sandtorv or otherwise known as Neon Ion (NO) is a modern-day fusion artist who creates beautiful high energy RnB, Jazz, Funk with a healthy dose of the best parts of Los Angeles. The Neon Ion project had toured across Europe and has taken residence in LA, Italy, and Berlin. The music breaths the most in nightclubs, keeping dance floors moving all night long. Neon Ion's latest single "Neon Dreams" is a dreamy synthwave-like jazzy masterpiece. The song features Natalie's charming honest sounding vocals, minimalistic but high energy drums, well structured funky RnB chords, and an explosive chorus that propels you to move to the music. The song opens up with a super cool kazoo like synth before going into a Synthwave madness.

When Natalie's vocal begins, the song suddenly feels complete as if it was the cherry on top. Her vocals are extremely unique here, it has an almost vocoder like effect that evolves throughout the song providing lovely ear candy. The chorus features a master-crafted memorable melody that instantly gets stuck in your head, along with the funky sounding synths of course. From the dreamy synths to the grooving drums to an incredible vocal performance, this is a release that will keep you moving all night long.

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