Neon Shows Us How to Chill out in Her Latest Release, "No Lie"

Neon is an LA-based R&B and Neo-Soul singer/songwriter who creates a mood that you can vibe to. Since falling in love with music at an early age, Neon has been writing songs and poems that have transformed into the art that she is creating today that has to lead to her first studio album 'Paul'. Off 'Paul' is Neon's exciting moody single "No Lie" and we are absolutely loving it.

"No Lie" features lo-fi groovy drums, dreamy synth pianos, a warm melodic moving bass, and powerful soothing vocals from Neon. "No Lie" opens up with its dreamy ethereal synth texture and then introduces the memorable bass along with Neon's captivating vocals. The hook of "No Lie" instantly feels both memorable and fresh as you listen, you'll find yourself singing the hook before you even hear it. The drums evolve in a wonderful way that keeps a tight groove, they start off as just chill out snaps and then go into a head bouncing lo-fi beat. Every little element of "No Lie" speaks of chilling out and having an easy time. From the captivating vocal performance to the musical instrumentation, we can't wait to hear the rest of the album.

Listen to "No Lie" here.

Hello Neon! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We are loving "No Lie", no wonder it's a fan favorite! What was the songwriting and production process like?

I actually wrote the song in my bedroom one night after months of struggling with which direction I should take my music. I had transitioned from a rapper to a singer in late 2017 and I was honestly confused about my sound and my message. So I recorded the song on my audio recorder and began practicing throughout the week until I could make it to the studio. Once I got to the studio it was cake, I felt the vibe immediately and I knew when singing this would be the first single on the album. 

We heard that you have a wide range of influences, what about those artists makes them influence you?

It’s hard not to be inspired by Missy Elliott she is truly one of a kind and I couldn’t name a comparison even if you paid me. She’s definitely a vibe and created such a strong relationship with the best. Her music is a butter man I could go on and on. Michael is the bible. He’s extremely talented all around and he’s very unique he’s just not someone you can read, far from basic and humble. I think that’s the biggest thing, how can you be so loved and talented and still be so humble. The biggest loss to the music industry! Aaliyah was also a mood and a vibe. Songs you could easily sing along to I wanted to be her so bad it was crazy. You know I’m like 7 or 8 with my shirt rolled up dancing to (are you that someone) just imagining myself in that music video. Her moves were effortless and her style was so cool. Many have tried but they will never be able to pull it off the way she did. Beyoncé is extremely talented and her vocal range is amazing. She is consistent with her abilities. Her work ethic is something I can truly appreciate and we are always lead with her music and not her personal life, that’s huge! The Notorious B.I.G, where do I begin? I mean BIG MOOD, this guy was so clever and graceful with the punches. His songs were like movies, just 100 percent dope. The biggest thing I’ve inherited was the famous (Uhh) it just adds something so special to the music. I wish that he, Micheal, and Aaliyah were here to influence the younger generation of musicians. Sometimes I feel like hunger is missing from the music and I think it’s based on who someone is influenced by. 

There is a very honest sound to this whole record, what was the recording process like for it? Were there any challenges faced?

Well because 

I have a pretty wide range I didn’t know where I wanted to keep my tone. I sang it a couple of times in a lower voice, took it up higher, and then I finally went with my sweet spot. I always lay my background vocals with a lower tone to bring some depth and contrast so once I lay the vocals I put most of my focus into the edited. The mix makes a huge difference in the song and sometimes I’m never satisfied. I knew what I wanted but couldn’t explain it so I think that was the biggest challenge.

From starting off in elementary school choirs, how have you grown as a songwriter and artist?

Well, I spent my teens and early twenties as a rapper. I always sang but I wasn’t fully invested in crafting my sound. Image wise I was scared to be a singer, you know thinking that because I’m plus size people wouldn’t accept me. I thought about missy and how successful she had been with her career and I just held on to the rapper dream. But there was always something so powerful about singing and writing songs. Sometimes I would have tears running down my Face If I wrote about something personal or emotional. So since 2017 I’ve held on to the vibe of a rapper you know still talking a little trash here and there but I’ve been riding that sweet spot and it’s been making the music sound better and better.