NESI Takes You On A Journey Through “YUGAMI”

As two low-budget bedroom producers creating EDM in their parents basement as teenagers, they often found themselves gazing upon live streams of equally young DJs headlining international festivals. Of course, that dream may sound extremely distant for most aspiring producers considering the odds stacked against them. However for NESI, they knew that their love for music would never fade away.

5 years later, after downloading their first DAW, jumping genres, and tirelessly creating - NESI released their debut single “YUGAMI” with Las Vegas based record label, “Bromuda Records”. Let’s get into this “YUGAMI” hit! If you dissect this record you will realize how the dimensions in this track are tunneled with tons of different transitions, and meanings after every few treads. With a constant uphill battle being presented in this multi-dimensional hit, NESI’s infectious concoction of deep, smooth and sexy ingredients transpose in to a fresh and sonically pleasing new wave of house music, is unforgettable. “YUGAMI” keeps you at a consistent natural high throughout the song. Constantly moving with the rhythm and feeling mesmerized by the aesthetic. You’re sucked into an extremely dope and rapid party that will have your adrenaline at an all time high! “Yugami” was a smash!

Check out "YUGAMI" here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Thanks for joining us NESI! Who would you consider some of your musical influences or inspirations?

We are inspired by all types of music, pulling ideas from different genres to create our sound.

As producers, what are some challenges you may face in creating a song? How do you overcome these obstacles?

It can be hard to finish songs sometimes and it is easy to get stuck on a small detail. We usually take a break and listen to other music to get inspiration.

Let’s talk about this dope hit, “YUGAMI”. What was the major vision behind it?

The vocal really sparked the idea for a groovy house song with dark vibes. We wanted the listeners to feel like they had to dance and enjoy the dirty drop.

What’s next for you NESI?

We will be in the studio cooking up some up some more fire tunes. There are already a few new bangers done and ready to be released soon.


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