New Album Alert: Fancy J London Releases a Rich Collection of Songs on New Album "Shadow"

Fancy J London is here with her album titled “Shadow”. This album is a collection filled with songs that are richly textured and infused with funk. "Shadow" begins with the song “Chase Me Home” which is a groovy song that gives us pop influences mixed with disco elements embroidered within the arrangement. Our personal favorite component to “Chase Me Home” was undeniably the addictive hook. It was contagious and vibrant while radiating into our memories as memorable. The hook is an important section of a song because it’s what the fans will remember later. “Chase Me Home” wasn’t the only song to do this. The next song “Another Day” was syncopated and catchy as the hook becomes stuck to your memory. It’s so good you'll want to hit that repeat button! “Shining Star” and “Fool” were both strong additions to the album. Both songs really showcased variety to this assortment of songs on "Shadow".

Fool” was our personal favorite due to the classic vibes it holds. It had this unique 60s vibe to the atmosphere while remaining sending off a feeling of warmth and comfort. This blissful track, however, didn’t prepare us for the next song, “Charades” that we absolutely loved. “Charades” had this smooth R&B vibe that was not only soulful but it was also sensual. This is actually one of our personal favorite styles of R&B music. We were highly impressed with the arrangement of the song.

Shadow” completely met our expectations, it sets the bar high for the remainder of the songs that are on the album. Three songs that stood out to us were the tracks “How Could You”, “Dead To Me”, and “Lost My Head”. These songs really stood out to us. Fancy J Londons' songwriting talents really shine through. Each one of these three songs was emoted with strong conviction and gave us a bigger insight into Fancy J Londons' authenticity and emotions. This was a nice way to show an unguarded and vulnerable aspect to her artistry and to the album. The next song that comes on "Shadow" is “Crashing Down”. “Crashing Down” was a cool pop-driven song that gave us an atmospheric and electronic element to encourage us to enter a dream-like aura to enjoy the artsy lyrics to the track. Fancy J London’s diversity and range are immaculate. We fell absolutely in love with the track “Thanks”. Fancy J London shows us her ability to express her emotions on a trap beat.

“Shadow” was a multi-faceted album with a variety of dimensions that showcased significant qualities to Fancy J London’s artistry. Each song on the album warrants its place and chronologically takes you on a journey with new surprises and transitions each way. We love the artistry, musicianship, and emotion that filled "Shadow." There is a song for everyone to resonate with and enjoy!

Listen to “Shadow” by Fancy J London here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Fancy J London! Tell us about your journey touring from Mexico to South America! What has been the most memorable moment of this tour so far and why?

Touring in Mexico has taught me a lot about the culture, it has shown me that Mexico is a beautiful place with amazingly warm friendly people, sadly that is a rare find in the U.S. I was humbled to be able to share a stage with DJ's, Bands, and Artists from all over Mexico to South America in all types of languages and styles. It has been an unforgettable learning experience.

What was the entire creative theme for the album “Shadow”? What made you name this album “Shadow”? 

Shadow is the 2nd album in a 3 part trilogy that started with LiGHT. I decided to create a trilogy because most of the songs have similar vibes of disco, retro, and dream pop. It would be crazy for me to release 1 album with 50+ songs, so I split it into 3. 

I named the album Shadow for a couple of reasons first the trilogy started with LiGHT I felt it would be so cliche to name the 2nd album "dark" instead I decided to choose Shadow. The other reason is I am a deeply personal person I rarely come out of my shadow I feel it is more intriguing to be a bit mysterious than to let it all hang out.

How would you describe your songwriting approach to the album “Shadow”? Some songs felt like they were highly sentimental like the song “How Could You”?

I write songs when I feel the most vulnerable it helps me create from a very personal side of myself and it is very healing for me as well. "How Could You" is very personal as is most of the songs on the album. I have personally struggled in relationships being betrayed on a mega level and it has made me a bit cynical towards love. 

Can you detail to us your creative process behind “Shadow”? What was the most challenging aspect in creating this project and how were you able to overcome the obstacle and did you experiment with any new elements in the production of it?

Shadow was brought together after speaking with several close friends and relatives. Many people have told me to open up lyrically. I honestly felt like I have in the past but looking back at my previous albums I was vague and cryptic. Now I am trying to let out the things that I have hidden and in doing so I have been able to creatively grow.

The most challenging part of creating Shadow was getting through the recordings without falling apart. I kept fighting tears and trying to sing through emotions I have bottled up my entire life from childhood, first loves, near-death traumas, and health struggles. Somehow letting it out in a song helps me overcome the pain little by little.

I always experiment when creating music I love trying new things. I did just that with the track "Lost My Head" believe it or not that was a true story about a cat I had and how being in love can make you literally lose your head. I enjoy creating crazy music once in a while and became well know for songs like "Can We Talk For A Minute", "Blu3 Scream', and "Drunk". I feel it is necessary to break away from the gloom of it all once in a while.

What are you looking forward to most this year in 2020 Fancy J London?

I am looking forward to dropping the last album of my trilogy entitled "Reflect". I am also eager to release a few more projects I have done in collaboration with Kentucky rapper Kyngsolo, Producer & DJ Ross Tha Boss and hopefully finish out the year with my self titled R&B album. Most of all I hope to reach the hearts of those who need it the most and spread love wherever I go. 

Thank you Buzz Music for the support I am humbled and grateful for communities such as yours that come together for so many artist's out there that are deserving of recognition. - Fancy J London