New Album from Indie-Pop Songwriter, Bad Dreams

The fresh new album from indie-pop songwriter Bad Dreams is everything you'd want from emo-pop. Layered synths, catchy vocals tracks performed with guts and honesty, and a willingness to put himself out there without bounds. The album is self-titled (Bad Dreams), and is soaked in a deeper, more real form of pop songwriting styles. It's not your average pop record at all. That doesn't mean it's not good, cause it sure is. There seems to be nearly nothing held back with these songs and you can't say that too much with music in general theses days. This is part of what makes the album take shape the way it does. The album does unravel and touch on stories that are based on experience and love, loss, and hurt. This also is what makes the record come through so strong. A decimated and beautifully twisted performance by Bad Dreams. You can check it out HERE