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New Artist Alert: Sihdno Comes Out With a Funky and Fresh Tune, "Give You Time"

Newly emerging singer/songwriter Sihdno hails from Atlanta, Georgia, and has a strong mind regarding his creative efforts. Honing into influences such as Little Dragon and Kelis, Sihdno hopes to provide listeners with refreshing, eccentric, and harmonious musical stylings. Sihdno ultimately hopes that he can bring a unique sound to listeners' ears and inspire many music lovers alike.

Sihdno offers an eclectic groove with his latest release, which was titled "Give You Time." Debuting not too long ago, "Give You Time" has its melody centered around disparate, yet contemporary trends within the alt/electronic music scene.

The production hones into great aspects of the electronic scene, however, Sihdno brings in such an exclusive flair that he's able to craft a genre completely distinct to his sound. With a wide range of creative efforts displayed throughout the song.

"Give You Time" proved to be an insanely creative and expansive project by Widhno, simply leaving us in anticipation for whichever electronic stylings he'll be gifting to listeners next.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Sihdno. How are you feeling now that "Give You Time" was finally debuted? Can you elaborate on the range of effort that went into crafting this single?

I feel very satisfied with this release. It’s been months since I’ve worked on music and I’m really glad that J made this. My producer, LumeFolk, (@lumefolk on Instagram) made the beat a few years ago but I just recently started to feel very gravitated towards it. I recorded everything in my bedroom with a USB mic that connects to my laptop. I finished mixing and mastering my vocals in about a week.

What was the main ideology behind the narrative created in "Give You Time?" Was there a certain strategy behind the storyline you presented listeners with?

I wrote this mainly wanting to be more emotionally open with the people around me. I try to do too much by myself and a little bit of help would be cute. Once I started listening to the beat over and over the lyrics just started flowing. I wrote everywhere I went until I finished it.

When I first heard the beat years ago, I didn’t think I could pull off the higher notes so I never worked on it. I’ve been practicing a lot on my voice since then and I just felt prepared this time around.

Listening to the final product of "Give You Time," are you content with the end result of the song?

I really do feel like I’m getting a better grasp on my craft and finding what works well with my voice.

What's next for you?

I’m currently working on another song from the same beat pack as “Give You Time” called “Grapefruit” which should be coming out soon.

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