New Artist Dlomickey Gushes About His Love in Catchy New Song “Amazing”

Hip hop artist Dlomickey didn’t begin his career in the most usual way, he grew his love for music out of poetry, and pushed himself to music after the loss of a family member who had a great passion for it. Based in Saint Louis, MO, Dlomickey released his first song in 2019 and has been working hard ever since.

His newest song “Amazing” is a passionate hip hop track that starts off slow and melancholy with soft piano, and you hear a phone call overlay the music as he gets a call from his partner. His love goes on to be the inspiration for the song, as he sings about appreciating the things you have while you still have them. His incorporated phone calls give the song a personal touch, and you get a glimpse into the vulnerability and tenderness found in true love. He emphasizes that before falling in love, self-worth had always been a struggle, and along with God, his love is the only thing he will ever need. “Amazing” has a catchy melody and a strong beat, which draws the listener in alongside his captivating lyrics. Dlomickey pours emotion into his vocals, radiating honesty and a true passion for his art. His songs are catching the attention of music lovers in Saint Louis, so keep your eyes peeled for more from this up and coming artist. Check out “Amazing” by Dlomickey here.

Thank you for chatting with us at BuzzMusic today, Dlomickey! “Amazing” is such a memorable song, both musically and lyrically, what was the recording process like for this track? Did you come up with lyrics first or the melody? Thank you for this dope opportunity. That's so love. Well like most of my tracks, my lyrics were all at one point a poem. Once I hear the beat I begin to pretty much revise/proofread my poem. Take some words out, add some in etc, all while getting my flow and melody together. The hook actually came on the spur of the moment when I told myself "I have to get a little creative with this one. Something so simple but catchy to catch people's attention. Something that would be the perfect frame for the lyrics.

What is your favorite part about sharing your music with fans, and what is one moment that stands out to you of someone truly connecting with you and your music? Well, I always get this butterfly feeling when I drop new music because you putting your heart in your art and you'll never know what people think until they hear it and respond ya know? But I love being able to share a bit of my life and how I feel with people and finding out that they understand and can relate is always the best feeling ever. I think so far my favorite moment has to be when I had a guy come up to me that he heard my track "I Miss You" that was dedicated to my cousin that I lost (Rest In Peace Sammie Sosa) and that he felt every word and it made him tear up a little. Me being the person that I am, I didn't know what to say, I was speechless. All I could say was "Wow" but eventually I was able to produce more thankful words towards him during the conversation lol. But what I did tell him specifically after he asked about reaching out to labels, money, etc. was "Look whoever finds me, thank God what a blessing. But I don't care about any of that AT ALL. There are millions of ways in this world to make solid money, but if I'm able to eventually hit and impact many many others just like I did for you, I'll be the happiest man on this planet. 

What were your career plans before your big single drop in 2019? How has your family supported you during these career decisions? I'm also an actor that's another passion of mine so nothing necessarily changed, just added. I'm working hard to pursue my dreams in both fields. To be honest to a few it made an immediate impact with instant support from them. But Some are still taking in (At least I hope is the case) that I'm ACTUALLY creating music and they don't really know how to respond to that just yet.

What was it like for you to make a transition from a love of writing to a love of creating music? Did you have any trouble in the beginning producing melodies and musical combinations that compliment your lyrics?

Man this is my first year EVER creating music and I absolutely love it. Who knew I could bring my writings to life, I mean I think about it every day. My first single "Save Me" was written as a poem in my notebook 2 SUMMERS before it was recorded as a single. Meaning 2 summers before it was recorded in a dorm room (shout out to Obasi Jackson for engineering), "creating music" wasn't even a thought process for me. That's so crazy for me, and now I'm meeting new people, making connections, performing live, networking the whole 9 yards. But What I love the most is the learning process. I'm learning the business aspect of music, and I know now for a fact that getting behind the mic and dropping a track is only about 10% of this music business. As far as in trouble producing the actual music, to be honest being that my lyrics we're once poems at some point, it hasn't been too much trouble just yet to come up with melodies or combinations. Once I feel the beat, whatever I feel just comes out and I run with that.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

Growth. I'm still learning so I just want to become a sponge and absorb any advice given from people who've been in this industry for a while (family, friends, or strangers). You'll always see me working hard because I know there are people who have been doing this for years and still working their A**es off and I don't want to disrespect them by not giving it my all either. But at the same time look out people because Dlomickey in this thang' now.......And I'm coming, stay tuned. Thank you to all the people who have been following me on my journey so far. Love yall man.