New Artist On The Rise, WW Nate Releases “Gucci Cold”

WW Nate is an upcoming 19-year-old teen sensation out of Florida who plans on taking the music industry by storm!

WW Nate released his single titled “Gucci Cold” and this song is surely showing us why WW Nate is next up! The beat had this hard-hitting bass that I just know will slap hard on a stereo. The lyrics were catchy and witty, but the delivery had this smooth-sailing wavy staccato to it. It showcased a significant amount of swag and was executed with the beat perfectly. WW Nate represents this current age of hip-hop perfectly. It’s fun, careless, and vibrant. It exudes an element of confidence into its listener where you just want to flex! Who doesn’t love a good head-banger with full-attitude and laid-back energy transpiring throughout the song? WW Nate gives us an exponential out-look on how young is truly fun. We’re looking forward to a promising career filled with longevity for this striking young artist!

Check out "Gucci Cold" here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

What’s up WW Nate! You have an interesting name. Is this your stage name? If so what’s the meaning and story behind it?

Well WW NATE is an interesting name and I feel like it can have a strong impact on many many people and most importantly the youth.WW stands for WorldWide as not only am I trying to bring different genres and flows WW I know I can bring people and a good change WorldWide.