New EP “Brain As A Fist” By The Overrides Brings Back Nostalgic Heavy Alt-Rock Sound

Based out of Long Beach, California, The Overrides are making their 90’s alternative-rock sound known nationwide. Featuring members of Piss N’ Blood and Dime Runner, The overrides is comprised of four talented musicians. Singer/guitarist Cam Mosavian, drummer Parker PJ Johnston, bassist, and brother Brando, and second guitarist, Denzil Dunn. Previously described as “The Clash & The Ramones meet Fugazi and 90's Alternative”, The Overrides are taking the music industry by storm. Their debut EP “Brain As A Fist” is out now and available on all major streaming platforms. 

Featured on the 3-track project “Brain As A Fist” is the track “Money”. The track starts off as strongly as possible with a fresh and appealing leading guitar riff. The music has a classic yet creative alt-rock vibe, the instrumentation is always interesting, and the structure of the song means that there’s always something new just around the corner. “Money” features a great set of melodies, particularly the hook, you find yourself eagerly awaiting as the song sets off. The whole soundscape features a slightly laid back approach to rock and roll, reminiscent of alt-rock legends from yesteryear. There’s a distinct level of focus to the songwriting, and this speaks volumes for The Overrides. Not succumbing to any one genre or style, yet knowing exactly what they are all about, “Money” is a contagious introspective track from The Overrides and we’re looking forward to hearing more. 

Check out “Money” here and keep scrolling to read more in our exclusive interview! 

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