NEW EP: Owl Green Drops “Tuesday”, An Honest Depiction Of His Current Path

Making his name known throughout the Bay Area and beyond, Christopher Catalano, better known for his professional name Owl Green, have an inherent passion for music like no other. Owl Green has a drive and fire for music in him that’s sometimes lacking from modern artists hoping to make it big. He’s been working towards perfecting his crafts for over a decade, including two years of vocal training to solidify his sound. Inspired by legends like Andre 3000, Nas, Anderson. Paak, and Frank Ocean, the prolific hip-hop artists delivers his own echoing renditions. Self-described as “lo-fi vibe with swing and swagger,” Owl Green aims to bring his individual sound across the West Coast and throughout the country and more.


Fresh off the release of his EP “Tuesday”, Owl Green shows no signs of slowing down. The laid-back production throughout “Tuesday” is charmingly accessible yet professional enough to set itself apart in a big way. The intro track “Spend That” focuses on topics ranging from the way his outlook has changed to residing in his new home in Los Angeles. Getting a message across, effortlessly reciting perfect lyrics, and finding/creating beats to match is Owl Green’s specialty. 

The next track “I Swear” showcases flawless production quality and the artistry is professional and finely-calibrated. The way Owl Green approaches his life, his drive, his work ethic and his motivation, all on another level in “I Swear”. I think that this track really embodies that message with the meaningful and truthful lyricism. Through “I Swear” Owl Green’s flow is precise and flawless as he recites every bar with timed perfection and style. It’s honest and raw and shows a side of Owl Green we’ve never seen before. The production quality is incomparable and the backbeat is addicting.

“Blah Blah Blah” details Owl Green’s undying drive to rise to the top on top of a sunny bass-filled beat. This is a track that’s all about Owl Green’s hustle and success.

Equipped with a dynamic sound and unique beats, he is sure to have you vibing along. His vocals are hypnotizing throughout. His smooth flow and flawless bars can be accredited to his years of experience and raw talent. The storytelling aspects of “Tuesday” have me addicted from start to finish. I think that Owl Green is incredibly talented and skilled at connecting with his fans. He writes lyrics that speak to the listeners and music for anyone to vibe to. No stranger to success, his EP “Tuesday” is yet another big step in the right direction for Owl Green.

Check out “Tuesday” here and read more below in our interview with Owl Green!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Owl Green! How did you first get started making music? What gave you the drive to hone your craft for ten years, including two years of vocal training?

Hey, what's up team. I first started making music at my friend's house at the tail end of high school. Throughout my schooling, I played trumpet and guitar and transitioned to writing lyrics. My best friend's dad had a home studio so I had the resources to record and write which was truly a blessing looking back at it. I was always the guy at parties freestyling and I had enough people tell me that I was good so I took the step to start writing and recording and I haven't stopped since. I am a bit of a perfectionist, and my biggest fear in life is not being successful, so once I started to rap I those few factors kept me driven. I truly love and appreciate the Hip Hop culture and I didn't want to let it down, I wanted to be apart of it and contribute to it. When it came to my vocal training it was always something I wanted to try and as a vocalist the more tools in the box the better. So one of my homies who I had been making music with had started to take some classes, and he went from not being able to sing, to becoming a great singer in just about a year. So once I saw the results I had to try it out and it's honestly the best move I ever made in my music career. It has helped me not only take my music in a different direction, but it has improved my live show.

We love the confidence and swagger you exude throughout all three tracks of “Tuesday”! Can you dive into the main themes behind this project?

So I have this theory about Tuesday which was inspired by a Childish Gambino song quote, "Tuesday afternoon, ain't got shit to do but fall in love with you.". I started to think about Tuesday and how it is the only day of the week that has no association with it. For example, Monday is the first day of the week, Wednesday is hump day, Thursday is the new Friday and so on. So that leaves Tuesday. I feel like it's the purest day of the week, just a day to do whatever. So with this EP, I picked 3 songs that are pure to my style as an artist. I have a mainstream sounding track, I have a banger and I have a fun bouncy Chance The Rapper, FKJ sounding track, all styles of songs that I would say round out my style. So playing to my strengths on this track really helped me be confident throughout the process and the swagger is just an added bonus haha.

From an artist’s perspective, what was your favorite part about creating your new EP “Tuesday”? How did you know when it was truly finished?

My favorite part about creating this EP has to be the writing process. Nothing to me is more exciting than finding new beats to write to. The feeling is like being a kid in a candy store I swear. Like when you find a dope beat your mind races about what you want to write about and what styles and cadences you want to use. Also on this project, I really got the chance to showcase a lot of new skills I have been working on, and as my first solo project, I felt like I could be a little more like myself. For most of my career, I have worked in a duo (SSxOG) and while working with someone else you have to be present and aware that what you want to do may not fit with the final product. When I did I realize the EP was done? Honestly never haha I nitpicked so much throughout the mixing and master process that at some point I just realized that the songs are really good and I just need to release them. I think all artists go through it when it comes to finalizing their art, it is really hard to say when it is finally done, it's like chasing a Dragon.

Your intense energy is clear through the speakers but what is your live stage presence like?

My live shows are really fucking fun haha. I have a lot of energy, move a lot and bring a real party vibe to my sets. I am really comfortable on stage and I have a good ass time so I feel like the crowds feel that and like to join. I put a lot of time into my sets, planning wise, so my presence is calculated and I like to plan out fun things to say but at the same time be spontaneous. Like one time in Boston, I started off the show by rapping my verse in a trashcan on stage. And once in Santa Cruz, I played a song with my pants off. So definitely expect to see some antics when you come to see an Owl green show.

We really appreciate you chatting with us about your incredible music! What’s next for you artistically? Does your creativity manifest itself in other ways!

Anytime! These interviews are always fun and it's nice to really think about these types of things in detail. For me what's next artistically is, of course, to keep creating music and honing my craft and expanding in styles as music is always changing. After this EP, I'm going to be working on some collabs with some really cool artists that I am super excited about I'd love to do an RnB album at some point as well as an EDM EP with my boy FreeFall. Outside of music, I do photography and podcasting, so I'm always kinda creating. I have been doing photos for a few years now and really have formed a passion for getting great photos. I would love to expand in that field as well as get more and more into it. At the end of the day, I love creating, no matter what the content is, if it's creative I'm on board.