NEW EP RELEASE: RBSN Premiers 'Soul Searching'

Italy/Rome native RBSN is synthesizing some serious sounds, and collectively creating the sound that is exclusive to him. We've been incredibly intrigued by the artistic abilities of RBSN, especially after the release of his 4th EP: "Soul Searching". The EP consists of five tracks that each has its intricate crafting to ensure a dynamic experience for the listener. The first track we come upon is "SBSD", which is incredibly harmonious, and features a lax melody for listeners to get into a serene ambiance. The second track progresses on very well, beginning with a more refined and rustic sound through the use of prominent guitar soundings. "Fryend" is mysterious in all sorts, and makes us feel mystic and dreamy. The delicate vocal soundings embedded within this particular track are striking! They're slow, alluring, and has the most distinct sultry appeal to it. These were the aspects that made "Fryend" our favorite track off of the EP!

The third track off of 'Soul Searching' is "Foreover", and this one resonates more with the first track that started this EP off. The melody is incredibly slow and whimsical. Those characteristic guitar soundings are back, and they set the entire mood of the track. "Foreover" advances and builds up to a more aggressive vocal delivery once we hit around halfway through the track. Vocals are insane on this track, and it's what made it easily memorable for us at BuzzMusic. We find ourselves on the next track of the EP, "Sketches". The track has more of an atmospheric effect, compared to the other tracks off of "Soul Searching". We felt at ease with this song, and almost as if we were floating on a cloud (a very, very fluffy cloud). We almost melted into the deep and honest vibrato of the vocal performer. If you've recently heard the most up-to-date soundings of Harry Styles, you'll know the sound is completely refined and crafted so intricately. That reminded us of the present track.

As we come to the end of 'Soul Searching', we arrive at track five, "Move". Immediately once playing the track, you're introduced to the most tranquil environment we've heard embedded into a track. We feel at peace, and we're at the peak of our imagination. Once we're integrated into the vocalism, it's a soft experience throughout. We sail through the rhythms and harmonies almost effortlessly, and we again get that feeling of floating on a cloud. RBSN has featured a collection of synths and instrumentals to capture the essence of that delicate and soft sounding atmosphere. "Me in SOUL" was a fitting track to end off the EP, as we felt completely uplifted and at one with ourselves. For here on out, we're dedicated fans to the integrative sounds of RBSN.

Listen to 'Soul Searching' here. #BuzzMusic