New Music: A Look Inside "Shadow Of The Valley" By Until The Sun

February 14, 2020

Here at BuzzMusic, we love all music and especially the kind that goes against the grain. Until The Sun is a band that is as subversive as they come. While embracing the traditional Blues playstyles, the band adds aspects of alternative rock, psychedelia, and jazz to the mix.

Born in the hot mountains of Arizona, the band was living in a rich social and musical environment. Surrounded by genres ranging from blues, all the way to western classical, Until The Sun adopts an unorthodox style of music. Somewhere between the west coast and Texas blues, the band found their sound and added a mix of other genres. With the release of their new song, "Shadow Of The Valley", the band transports music fans to the red sandstone valleys of Arizona where people walk in the heat to meditate. As the sweat drips down the bridge of your nose, the twang of the slide guitar propels you forward. As the verse progresses, strength is fully restored and you are ready to take on the world. The ability to deliver us into our deepest fantasies is the power of Until The Sun, and they have done just that with their new song "Shadow Of The Valley".

Listen to "Shadow Of The Valley" here.