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New Music Alert: Catch ANt1etam With His New Single, "RE4lly"

Chicago-native ANt1etam began his rapping career a little short over 2 years ago, after freestyling with some friends. Ever since his motivation and dedication towards his artistry have been on fire! With strong influences taken from artists such as Juice WRLD and XXXTENTACION, ANt1etam works to create a unique sound that blends some of his favorite styles with many of his own exclusive tones.

The latest offering from ANt1etam includes the release of "RE4lly." There are a few disparate, yet complementing genres incorporated into the track, with electronic, hip/hop, and rap taking the predominant lead. The wordplay embedded into "RE4lly" was smoothly delivered by none other than ANt1etam himself, and he worked hard to prove that he knows how to put on an intriguing performance. With a consistent flow, "RE4lly" was truly an easy listening experience.

As for the lyricism, "RE4lly" focused on themes of infidelity and the resulting betrayal. With such themes brought to light, ANt1etam delves into the obstacles one faces following the realization of such hurtful truths. There are many great aspects to take away from ANt1etam's song--he strives to ultimately inspire listeners to find peace amidst hardship, and in doing so, captures many affecting emotions that instill a wise allure. ANt1etam, we're anticipating more stirring tracks soon.

Welcome to BuzzMusic ANt1etam, and congratulations on releasing "RE4lly." How did it feel once the track officially dropped?

Thank you! Like with most tracks that I release, I feel a great sense of relief after releasing the track. When I hold music, it feels like I’m keeping an important secret and I just want to tell the world. I also felt excited since I felt like this track was one of my better ones (which it is) and I believed it would soar (which it can).

What were you hoping your listeners would take away from "RE4lly?"

I was hoping that my listeners would relate to the story I created in RE4lly~. I honestly just wanted to create a straight-to-the-point, expressive song about losing a special someone that people could gravitate to in their time of need. The best thing they could get out of the track is that they aren’t alone in feeling the way they feel and that the process isn’t easy for anyone. Some smaller lessons are that giving up due to one bad experience isn’t the best option and that sometimes it isn’t their fault that someone leaves their life but instead that it is just fated to happen.

Were there any challenges amidst writing or recording "RE4lly?"

The only challenge that presented itself when writing RE4lly~ was 12 AM fatigue on a college campus. I found the beat really late at night and connected with it so much that I wrote to it immediately. The funny part about that night is that as soon as I finished the song, I crashed.

How would you describe the most important aspects of your artistry to your listeners?

One of the most important aspects of my artistry is my focus on individuality. From the way I write to the adlibs in my tracks, there is an attempt to channel my true self. I try to make my songs stand out from the crowd without forgetting who I truly am. That’s why I avoid traditional concepts expressed in rap today like drugs and violence. I instead utilize my creativity to think of lyrics that will cause my listener to laugh, say wow, relate to, or brag about (in other words crazy stuff). Another important aspect is my openness and expansiveness. I don’t limit my words, my melodies, my influence, or my styles. I experiment daily to find new sounds and new aspects of me and that’s why I believe that my listeners will get unique and different experiences if they stick with me.

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