New Music Alert: Moving in Slow Premieres His Release "Clean Your Room"

From Miami, Florida, Moving in Slow is an up and coming artist who has recently been embracing the beauty and diversity of many instruments. He has been working hard and staying focused on enhancing his musical style by exploring new sounds.

Moving in Slow is known for using personal experiences to write his music. He embraces his ability to connect with his audience by creating relatable lyrics and always looking for new sounds to spice up his songs. "Clean Your Room” is a song that should accompany any relaxing activity; from cooking to studying to painting. The beat in, “Clean Your Room” has an energetic, quick-paced beat that is paired with gentle acoustics. Moving in Slow also incorporates synths and electronic sound effects that resemble various pitches of violin string instruments. Moving in Slow gives “Clean Your Room” its originality by successfully and seamlessly meshing aspects from a variety of genres. He incorporates an echoing effect into his vocals, giving the song a retro style. He certainly gives the term “new music” a meaning and brings to the table something his fans have never heard before.

Listen to "Clean Your Room" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Moving In Slow! “Clean Your Room” has the relaxing vibe we are always looking for in a song! Can you tell us about your songwriting process, and what message you are trying to send with your lyrics?

Thanks for having me! The songwriting process for this song started off with a desire to use fast-paced, electronic drums and a simple, driving bass part. After those were established, everything else was layered on top. The lyrics stem from some personal experiences I’ve had with talking to people I’ve been interested in romantically, and the insecurities that have developed from those experiences. If anything, I hope people can relate to the lyrics and find comfort in knowing that these are feelings a lot of people go through. 

You have recently transitioned from focusing on guitar and vocals to embracing some more instruments in your songs. In the future, do you plan on continuing your search for new sounds? What are some other things you could see yourself experimenting with musically?

Yeah! Recently I’ve been trying out new ways to write my songs by taking influence from other artists and trying to mimic the sounds they use but with my own twist on it. In the future, I want to experiment with sounds that aren’t instruments. I like the idea of taking everyday objects and finding a cool sound from it that can be used in a song. 

“Clean Your Room” is part of your recent project Moving In Slow, can you tell us more about the rest of this project?

I guess the best answer is that Moving In Slow is just me making music that I want to make without any outside restrictions. The songs that I’ve released have in one way or another, been a reflection of how I feel, how I interpret something, and how I handle certain situations. I’m not as open about my feelings as I want to be, so I use this project as a way to explore certain feelings, whether they’re positive or negative.

Your sound incorporates many genres and embodies an original style. Are there any artists that influence or inspire your musical style?

The artists that come to mind have been: Blink-182, The 1975, Mike Kinsellas work in Owen, Dodie, Rusty Clanton, and Orion Sun. For future releases, I’ve been taking influence from Tyler, the Creator, Kendrick Lamar, Denzel Curry, Tame Impala, SZA, and Kevin Abstract.