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New Music: "Birdy" By Crowd Of One

In a bare, airless back room, lost in the labyrinth warehouse in Hackney, London 2014, Crowd Of One emerged. Blissfully engulfed in a haze of cigarette smoke, music instruments and computer cables...there came, the improvised yet haunting, fused melodies that cascaded down the corridors, leading to the creation of this solo project. And if you’re wondering what I’m discussing? I’m talking about the vaporous release of the single “Birdy”.

The contentful and immaterial record that holds deep lyrical substance to completely capture you and ravish you into the music. The vocal tone has this insensible energy you become deaden to due to how enticing it is. It’s idiosyncratic and different from any other voice, distinguishing it and making a more of an impactful sound. What I love most about this single is how it slowly but surely built a climax in tempo. The song went from dull and subtle to passionate and medium pace. However, Crowd Of One allowed his musical expression to be displayed by channeling in whatever character he mentally selected for the song at that specific moment and it was obviously showcased. If you don’t allow “Birdy” to open your emotions and thought conviction while listening, then you’re listening to the song all wrong!


What are some of the biggest factors you consider when putting together a track?

Most important thing about producing a track is feeling inspired, therefore for me there is not much to consider rather than actually diving into it when it happens and most of the times it happens on its own and especially during a deep night when everyone is sleeping. If i put myself down and order him to produce then i will definitely  create something not worth while and probably delete it next morning! So, yeah imagination is bigger than the facts!

What made you want to set out on a journey into the musical heart of darkness in the first place?

I know no other way but the musical way of life. Since i can remember myself i have always been passionate about all the instruments there are really, and couldn't wait to get my hands on each and every one of them and start learning. With regret i can say i only play five of them , the most common ones, so far. All sounds and frequencies are different and special and therefore are unique and i always try to imprint them in my songs the way i hear them in my head and for some reason although all state of minds are equal and beautiful in their own way, i like the darker version the most! I find more character in it, happy tunes make me bored, haha! As i always quote: I like beautiful melodies , telling me terrible things! 

Describe what the Hackney, East London, scene is like for musicians these days

East London is an amazing place for artists of all kind...You can hear all types of music in all sorts of venues, especially the underground ones, they blast with music! I would say for musicians it is great but there is also a massive competition! There are way too many musicians all around trying to make it...and we all have to walk the walk ,no one said it would be easy, but trying is winning!

Have you given any thought to your musical goals?

After having played many different types of music genres, either live instrumental ones or electronic twisted dance ones, i have ended up with this solo project Crowd of One in which is a One Man Show Live and  i try to give the audience a show of true effort and passion for the non conventional - commercial sound. For me if you play live and get payed to play your music, should at least work for it and give them your best, whatever that is! On that thought i do my best to produce my best and hope to reach more human ears , among other creatures in this world, haha...i would like to share this journey with as many as possible i can! After all that is when your music truly grows roots, when someone somewhere is Listening.

What’s the key to bringing a song to completion and not letting it languish in hard drive obscurity?

Now that is one part every musician struggles here and there! Two choices: One and best one too:

All the base and feeling of the track comes at once...the kind of day you just don't stop and it comes out of you like a storm!

Two and most common one:

You build a sense of the feeling of the track and then you just let it go for a while! Repeating is like death for a track, it just blocks it all out! After some time you accidentally hear it and go like, now that is nice...and you grab it exactly where you left it from! There is no promise any track will ever stay with you for good, music is just a beautiful mistake and everything in between! 

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